Perfumes for men

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The most captivating and sensual fragrances for men are presented on my lifestyle blog to tell you how to choose cologne for men. I’ll share with you my list of the best colognes for men and even for women thanks to mixed fragrances.

Between Diptyque perfumes, the mixed perfumes Boucheron, the perfumes for men from Tom Ford, the fragrances of Atelier Cologne and many others, I will share with you my favorite perfumes for men.

Perfume is its top universe scents

Like cosmetics, taking care of your skin and hair, perfume is a flagship to showcase.

In this article, I will tell you all about the fragrance, its history, the various configurations and all of its features.

The origins of perfume

The first bottle of perfume did not start yesterday! The scent began to be used in ancient Egypt, 2650 bc to 2150 bc.

Under the old empire, the bodies of the dead were embalmed with perfume, while it was burning incense in religious ceremonies. Later, the Greeks and the Romans realized the first oily macerated by infusing plant in vegetable oil.

Perfume is increasingly worn as a cosmetic product from the Renaissance.

Major discoveries help to bring new fragrances from Asia and America, like vanilla. In the 19th century that perfume as we know it today, thanks to the creation of synthetic products.

The different types of perfumes

There are 5 main categories of fragrance, defined by the percentage of alcohol and fragrant molecules contained.

Found perfume, also known as the perfume extract, that which contains the more alcohol (95%) and odorants (20% to 30%), its odor is most intoxicating.

The eau de parfum has a higher concentration of alcohol than toilet water, so it ensures a better hold on the skin.

Eau de Parfum contains between 15% and 20% gasoline, depending on the brand and type of perfume.

The eau de toilette, it is somewhat concentrated perfume (5 to 15%), which earned him a lighter wake, but also a smaller outfit.

The cologne contains 2% to 4% of species, it is appreciated for its refreshing side to the sweet water image containing up to 4% of species and little or no alcohol.

Perfumes families

Each fragrance has a special smell as distinguished in 7 great families.

Thus, in a perfumery, we offer you a citrusy fragrance if you are looking for a fruity odor, a floral scent if you want a floral fragrance, a fern fragrance if you love woody notes.

The chypre fragrance releases oak moss agreements, the woody scent of warm notes of cedar, amber fragrance free gentle oriental fragrances and finally the leather fragrance is composed of dry notes of tobacco and smoke.

The art of composition or olfactory pyramid

Speaking notes of the perfume are to evoke the different substances which compose it. Top notes are those that one feels immediately after the dispersion of the perfume in the air.

The heart notes are the essence of perfume, those that are still felt several hours after spraying.

Finally, the base notes are those that evaporate more slowly and smell several days after the dispersion.

And you, what kind of perfume are you wearing? What smell do you prefer?

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