Aloe or Agarwood, these names designate a single substance originating from the tropical forests of Asia: Oud wood. Produced in the heart of the tree to defend against fungus attacks, this precious resin, known as perfumers’ black gold, is slowly consumed in incense burners, impregnating souls and clothes.

Woody, ambery, animalic, Oud is now a must-have for juice lovers in search of a new emotion. I invite you to discover the top 10 fragrances that have made this mythical ingredient the signature of their compositions.

1. Oud de Bond N°9, l’ardent

Still little-known in France, the Bond N°9 perfume brand comes directly from the United States, and more specifically from New York. In love with French luxury and his city, its creator has imagined an essence soberly named Oud, playing on the association of rose and honey for an olfactory voyage that blends the flower with the sensual power of Oud.

2. Oud Wood Tom Ford, the enchanter

An enchantment for the senses and the spirit, Tom Ford’s Oud Wood is a woody fragrance transformed into a warm, exotic juice by the animalic presence of Agarwood. In its sober black bottle shaped like a chess pawn, the accords revolve around spices and smoky wood, balanced by vanilla and tonka bean. And I have a feeling that this elegant bouquet will suit seductive men perfectly.

3. Oud Ispahan Collection Privée Dior, the bewitching one

When Christian Dior visited the Orient, he immediately fell under the spell of those legendary palaces surrounded by rose gardens. Many years later, the house’s resident nose recreated Monsieur Dior’s sensation by combining Oud and rose de Grasse. Heady and persistent, this scent blended with cistus, patchouli and saffron is a floral bouquet, a link between East and West.

4. Oud Immortel byRedo, the enigmatic

Immerse yourself in the mythical Orient with this sophisticated woody-chypre juice. A mixed fragrance of cardamom, rosewood and patchouli, the base notes revolve around moss and tobacco leaf, not forgetting the intense Oud wood. With a pleasant trail that doesn’t intrude on others, I feel Oud Immortel byRedo can be worn every day.

Byredo Oud Immortel review

Byredo Oud Immortel

5. Oud Essentiel Guerlain, the charismatic

Absolu d’Orient boisé cuir, the creation of Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s official nose, reveals strength and voluptuousness thanks to a subtle blend of saffron, rose, Atlas cedar and Oud wood. I can assure you that this bewitchingly masculine fragrance is a class act.

6. Oud de Carthage Boucheron private collection, le magnétique

A blend of spices, honey and incense, this unisex fragrance caresses the senses. Leaving an amber trail carried by cistus and racy leather accords, this intense juice is a magical fragrance to be worn on special occasions.


7. Another Oud by Juliette Has a Gun, the modern one

Confusing and fresh thanks to the bergamot note that enters the scene immediately, the final shot is given by Oud wood rounded off with a touch of gourmand raspberry. Raw, dry and unadorned, this is undoubtedly the least oriental of all, and I recommend you try it without delay.

8. Oud 27 by Le Labo, the sensual one

Resin takes pride of place in this essence that combines saffron, incense, ambergris and patchouli. And while the power of Oud wood is immediately apparent, this homage to 1,000 and one nights is so fresh and gentle that you can imagine wearing it at any time of day.

9. Oud Maison Francis Kurkdjian, l’étincelant

Spicy, aromatic and tangy, Laos Oud is the star ingredient in this composition imagined by Francis Kurkdjian. This renowned perfectionist has accomplished the feat of domesticating the oriental wild beast by giving it a more blended, less brutal allure, which I recommend you give a quick try.

10. Oud Bouquet by Lancôme, the gourmand

With its dose of praline and vanilla, this is the sweetest of them all; yet Oud wood is recognizable by its dense, animalic presence. With its explosive trail, this essence is the perfect way to begin an olfactory relationship with perfumery’s most precious ingredient.

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