Elegance and refinement, this perfectly characterizes the perfume Tom Ford Gray Vetiver. Vetiver is an essential oil widely used in perfumery. However, it remains rare to find the original scent in other men’s fragrances.

The brand Tom Ford has managed to do so. I’m going to make you discover this green, woody fragrance with delicate notes of citrus and spices. This fragrance is both subtle and rich.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver review

Tom Ford Gray Vetiver : A fragrance with woody and acidulous notes

This eau de parfum for men was created by Harry Frémont, and was released in 2009. It was elected male perfume of the year 2010. It is the award of the beauty stars Madame Figaro. I think this perfume is very distinguished. The scents blend perfectly.

Tart, spicy and woody at the same time, the smell on your skin will leave a pure, intense and mysterious fragrance. Perfect for the chic and captivating man. You will also be charmed by the purity of the Vetiver essence. The intoxicating scent can be worn in the summer as well as in the winter.

This fragrance is a gentle blend of refinement and intensity. If you prefer a lighter version, I suggest you opt for the eau de toilette. Otherwise the eau de parfum will be ideal for you.

Focus on the olfactory pyramid

Many fragrances are to be discovered in this perfume. As in most perfumes, we find an olfactory pyramid.

This one is composed of 3 different notes: the top note (at the top of the pyramid), the middle note (in the middle) and the bottom note (the base of the pyramid).

The top note is light since it is the first smell that we feel when we spray the perfume. In Tom Ford’s, the first scents that come out are orange blossom, grapefruit and sage. You won’t smell these scents after about 30 minutes. The top note is the same with each spray. It will not change scent, unlike the other notes.

We find then the note of heart. It is the odor which characterizes the perfume. We feel it during several hours in a less strong way than the note of head, but this one is more durable in the time. In this perfume, we find nutmeg, Iris root and chili pepper.

Finally, the base note is the one that will persist the longest. The scent can evaporate after several days. The scents are therefore more intense. We find the most woody notes of Grey Vetiver. You can feel the purity of the essence of Vetiver, oak moss, woody notes and Amber.

So I recommend you to wait before you make up your mind about this perfume. The first notes will not resemble the final scent. And I think you will be like me pleasantly surprised and charmed by the base note that leaves an intoxicating scent on the skin.

Tom Ford’s iconic bottle revisited

His famous grooved bottle has been developed in a different form. He chose to create it in frosted glass. The colors are both discreet and chic: white and silver. This color was also used on the packaging of the perfume. The bottle is very important. It is the showcase of the fragrance. It reflects a masculine and elegant image.

Perfect to highlight this divine woody scent intoxicating. The design of the bottle Tom Ford Gray Vetiver will also seduce you with its simplicity and refinement. It is also uncluttered. The metallic touch of the bottle clearly highlights the masculinity of the scent.

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