Conceived as an ode to the wilderness, this fragrance is made for lovers of elegant, racy juices. Made with 98% natural ingredients, this eau de Cologne highlights some of perfumery’s finest treasures and draws its strength from the complexity of nature.

Introducing Atelier Cologne Gaïac éternel

In Atelier Cologne’s Cologne Rares collection, Gaïac Éternel, launched in 2020, invites you to plunge into the depths of an eternal forest. It’s an inviting description for a fragrance designed for lovers of woody scents.

Its olfactory composition gives pride of place to precious materials. Guaiac wood from Paraguay, symbol of wisdom and longevity, Bergamot from Italy, luminous and tangy, Papyrus from India to bring mystery and sensuality. Top notes are marked by citron, black pepper and lavender. Heart notes are dominated by guaiac, tonka bean and vetiver. Finally, base notes include guaiac wood, musk and amber.

Atelier Cologne Gaïac Eternel review

Test of Gaïac éternel

Exhilarating and profound, it reveals a hyper-refreshing, almost sparkling attack, which quickly gives way to the woody notes of Gaïac wood. An almost balsamic dimension, far removed from ultra-woody fragrances, that retains a certain sensuality. Its freshness and amber base notes are reminiscent of Tom Ford Vétiver Extrême.

As Gaïac éternel is a fairly intense fragrance, it’s best reserved for cooler seasons such as winter or autumn. Worn on nights out or formal occasions, it will bring a touch of comfort and nobility to your outfit. A few drops are all it takes to make you look your best. A fragrance to accompany you on all your nocturnal wanderings.

While its olfactory characteristics set it apart, its bottle is an event in itself. While it highlights some of the treasures of the forest, it also pays tribute to it through its unique case. Adorned in gold and a midnight-blue hue, it reveals the geographical coordinates of the famous guaiac wood, the juice’s main ingredient. A fine example of the savoir-faire of this renowned French house.

Opinions on Gaïac éternel by Atelier Cologne

Atelier Cologne, known for its highly concentrated fragrances, doesn’t disappoint with its Gaïac Éternel, dominated by vetiver and guaiac wood. The key word to describe this latest addition from the house? Bewitching!

Its intense, hyper-sensual character will not leave lovers of woody fragrances indifferent. Powerful and seductive, it’s so long-lasting that it almost feels like a second skin. It confers a healthy dose of confidence on the wearer, exalting the senses to the point of total addiction. Enchanting and fragrant, Gaïac Éternel invites the wearer to explore their sensuality, to discover their innermost nature.

Gaïac Éternel is a unisex fragrance that will appeal to both men and women. For women, it will bring out their androgynous, animal side, while for men, it will bring out their sensuality. Worn on a dressy evening, nonchalantly placed on the arm or on pulse zones, it will seduce with its powerful aura.

More than a perfume, Gaïac éternel is a luxury object that is a pleasure to display. Whether in its 30 ml or 100 ml format, it’s hypnotic on display. The smallest 30 ml format retails for €103 on the Atelier Cologne website. A treasure to be discovered without further delay!

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