Fashion accessories for men

The different types of fashion accessories to wear when you are a man

Personalizing your style is an exercise that everyone can do. And for this, accessories are our best allies. These essentials bring the final touch to our clothing. They are the cherry that perfectly finishes the cake and gives it relief.

At the same time, they give everyone the opportunity to express their fantasy. Would you like to know more about their proper use?

Let’s go! For you, I make a small overview of the different types of fashion accessories for men that we would be wrong to deprive ourselves.

The main fashion accessories for men

The tie

Since it is no longer mandatory (or rarely), many men have found the pleasure of tying it around their neck. It has no equal to illuminate a suit. To avoid spoiling everything, pay attention to the quality of the knot. And remember to follow the trends: they evolve regularly, especially in terms of width.


For the sake of comfort, choose natural materials. Brightly colored or with graphic patterns, they will brighten up a monochrome outfit. Indulge yourself by following a few rules. Choose them high enough (the calf should not show when sitting). And except for sports, forget about white socks.

The scarf

In winter, it comes in comfortable and warm materials: wool, cashmere. If your coat or parka is plain, all patterns are allowed. In summer, the scarf brings style to our basic outfit. The chèche is the most common. One criterion: lightness. The objective is neither to die of heat, nor to weigh down the silhouette.

The cap

Rather all-purpose with a casual outfit, it can however give style to a more formal outfit. The shape is a question of taste and comfort. Front or back visor? Both are used even if I have a clear preference: come on, I let you guess…


They are first of all made to protect your eyes, don’t forget it! Select them with a high protection index. Their frame must be both resistant and enhance your face. So a good tip: take your time when trying on these cloudless day essentials.


From simple earrings to multiple bracelets, rings and necklaces, jewelry for men is no longer taboo. They are your personal signature that escapes the rules and depends on your clothing style. Some accumulate them while others prefer discretion.

Bags and leather goods for men

The belt

Slipping it into the loops of our pants is enough to change everything. It is not surprising that it is one of the most used male accessories. I advise you to choose a belt with a beautiful leather, the same color as your shoes. Reserve canvas belts for summer wear.

The wallet

This very personal and useful accessory is sometimes a problem: too full and too thick, it distorts your pockets. So try to limit its contents to the strict minimum. Or opt for several accessories: wallet and card holder.

The toiletry bag

Sure, you don’t carry it with you, but as a man of taste, you’ll surely appreciate taking something functional and resistant, but also very chic, on your trip.

The backpack

This champion of practicality allows you to carry everything while keeping your hands free. You’ll find sleek, solid-colored, waterproof canvas and structured designs. It will be the right choice of backpack for an urban look.

The belt bag

If it is not unanimous, it has real fans who compete with imagination on how to wear it: over the shoulder, on the back, at the waist. And we must admit that the result is sometimes surprisingly stylish!

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