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Decorating ideas: masculine style in 5 steps

In the lifestyle section of my blog, I offer you 5 tips, if you are tired of girly decorations, pink and frills. Show your personality: impose your personality and bring out your masculinity in your home.

1. Define your masculine decorating style to start

Men’s decorating has many possibilities. In a loft, I suggest you go for the industrial or eclectic look: in a more classic apartment, minimalism and design will find their place.

Don’t forget retro, vintage or Scandinavian styles, which have been very trendy lately, or play the Art Deco card, which is coming back to the forefront.

2. Choose the color palette for your man’s decor

Forget pastel shades or very bright tones and prefer the softness of mineral tones of gray or brown. Dare black, if you want a strong presence, in contrast with white or a very light gray.

Combine blue gray or forest green with honey shades to bring color into your life. You can spice it up with a touch of red, mustard yellow or the latest shade in the wind, terracotta.

3. Choose raw and natural materials to furnish your home

The marriage of metal and raw wood is a great classic of the loft spirit. However, a very contemporary style can be combined with concrete or brick walls or even the moldings of Haussmannian apartments.

For your floors, I advise you to use parquet floors, which are essential in your decoration. The natural wood, added to the very basic materials, will bring a warm side to your room.

4. Adopt a simple and classic furniture in your decoration

I invite you to choose functional and sober furniture. Choose large, comfortable sofas, where you can sit with your friends for soccer evenings in front of the giant screen.

Lovers of cocooning will opt for the quilted effect of the Chesterfield or the club armchairs with tanned leather. For a more contemporary style, don’t forget the Le Corbusier living room furniture and the matching lounge chair. On the storage side, the wood and metal shelves and the enfilades will sublimate your living room.

5. Play with accessories to finalize your personal style

Decorating is also about knick-knacks and other pictures, with curtains and cushions they will finish your arrangement and bring a little color. You want to put a note of originality? Read my article where I tell you about the diptych candle jars that I recycled!

Think of graphic wallpapers that will animate a whole wall or will be more discreet with a single strip, in order to direct the eye to a specific space. I recommend the cabinet of curiosities for an offbeat touch and imposing light fixtures, spearheading your decor, for intimacy.

Men don’t have the privilege of this kind of embellishment and some women will feel at ease in these interiors. So don’t limit yourself, your home should reflect your character, above all.

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