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Tips for men’s hair cut

I’m back in my men’s beauty section and more precisely in my men’s hair care sub-section, to reveal my secrets for taking care of your hair on a daily basis. Follow these tips!

Adapt your hair products to your hair type

A few years ago, I remember choosing my shampoo randomly, which was a big mistake. Indeed, the shampoo and/or mask that you use should be carefully selected.

But how can I choose my products well? First of all, I advise you to determine your hair and scalp type: does your hair tend to get oily quickly? Is it dry, curly or fine? Do you have dandruff? Do you have the beginnings of baldness?

Knowing that there is a lot of shampoos, answering all these questions will allow you to identify which shampoo is made for you in order to properly care for your hair.

For a perfect hairstyle, cut your hair frequently

Taking care of your hair also means agreeing to cut it regularly: at least once every two months.

I know that this may seem complicated for some, but rest assured, cutting a few inches every two months will only accelerate the growth of your hair, and, it will keep your hair healthy all year long.

How often should men wash their hair ?

One thing I used to tend to do is wash my hair every day. You’d think this would make it cleaner, but it will actually destroy and weaken your hair and cause your scalp to produce sebum.

For the record, sebum is responsible for the greasy look your hair. So, even if it’s itchy, try to space out your shampoos as much as possible or sometimes use a dry shampoo if really need it.

Washing every day makes your hair feel assaulted by the shampoos but also by the water, which can be more or less good quality depending on where you live.

In fact, I recommend washing your hair once or twice a week. This is more than enough and your hair will thank you!

Use quality products adapted to men

Finally, it goes without saying, but I prefer to remind you: it is essential to use quality products for your hair and to pay attention to the composition of your shampoos and masks.

But that’s not all, I also recommend you to use quality accessories, brushes, combs, straighteners or hair dryers in order not to damage your hair.

Take it easy with hair cream masks for men

Just like shampoo, masks should be chosen according to your hair type. You can do it two to three times a week at most. For example, if you have permed your hair and it is drier than usual, the moisturizing hair mask should not be neglected.

When you apply this type of product, I advise you to never apply it directly to the roots, because it can attack your scalp.

Applying it only to the ends and lengths is more than enough to take care of your hair.

So, I invite you to browse through this section to learn more and especially to find a haircut for men that suits you perfectly!

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