Spicy and woody, Cartier Declaration is this season’s trendy cologne for men. Both chic and elegant, this fragrance is perfect for any style of dress and will enhance your unique personality. Discover in this article a complete test, as well as a detailed review of the men’s fragrance Déclaration de Cartier!

Declaration de Cartier: eau de toilette for men

Déclaration de Cartier is a fragrance for men with a unique, refined character. In a fabulous combination of masculine and modern notes, the great design house has created this eau de parfum. Déclaration is a subtle blend of citrus, woody notes and spicy touches. The result is a natural, sophisticated aroma. With the men’s fragrance Déclaration, Cartier definitely captures the attention of men who are looking for a powerful fragrance that reflects all the intensity of their personality.

Cartier Declaration cologne for men

Characteristics of the men’s fragrance Declaration de Cartier

Déclaration de Cartier is both sweet and spicy. In the top note, the exoticism of cedar wood reveals its warm, bewitching, sweet aroma. With cardamom in the heart note, you add a touch of freshness, delicately fruity and lemony, to your masculinity. And in the base note, Déclaration de Cartier pour homme reveals the softness of oak moss, in a fragrance of damp undergrowth and discreetly marine scents.

This fragrance for men is a true essence that reveals the masculine side of your personality, while preserving your sensitivity.

How do I apply Declaration de Cartier, parfum pour homme?

To bring out the full fragrance of Déclaration de Cartier, given its woody character, three sprays are all you need. To preserve your refined allure, it’s important to keep a light hand on eau de toilette in general, and on this fragrance in particular.

Déclaration de Cartier is as much a daytime fragrance as a night-time one. And, to prolong its effect on your skin, spray it only on the hot spots on your body: on the inside of your wrists, in the hollow behind each of your ears, or in the crease of your elbows. It’s in these areas that the heartbeat concentrates and generates heat, enabling the fragrance to be diffused evenly.

But also, as the finesse of this men’s fragrance is very present, you only need to put it on in the morning for it to last throughout the day. If you’re planning an evening out, re-spray strategic points on your body to refresh your fragrance.

Opinions on the men’s fragrance Declaration de Cartier

Cartier’s Déclaration fragrance for men is one of the must-haves in your closet! On the one hand, for its woody, refreshing scent, and on the other, because this fragrance reveals the unique character of your virility!

But also, in its very subtle combination of the key ingredients that make up a fragrance for men, Déclaration de Cartier has opted for simplicity. Cedarwood, cardamom and oakmoss, a delicious blend of exoticism and woody scents. The trail of your fragrance unfolds ideally on skin free of moisturizer to avoid altering its original scent.

Déclaration de Cartier goes well with all spring and autumn clothing styles. You can wear this fragrance with a traditional business suit. But you can also wear it with a lighter spring outfit, such as jeans matched with a jacket and a simple T-shirt!

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