Oriental perfume for men

The vanilla notes of oriental perfumes invite you to travel. A true concentrate of power, oriental type perfumes for men give off a subtle balance of mystery and virility. These perfumes are to be privileged in winter because they leave, in their trail, a subtle sensual aroma. Men with a strong and assertive personality will appreciate them.

Spicy oriental perfumes

Terribly masculine and heady, these perfumes are composed of marked scents such as cinnamon, cedar or clove. They offer a bewitching and very masculine scent.

The scent is often softened by fruity or tangy aromas such as lemon, bergamot, mandarin.

The nose can also add some subtle touches of tonka bean, coumarin or opopanax to accentuate the “oriental” side. If in the past, all these raw materials were of natural origin, nowadays, they are mostly synthetic.

The family of oriental and woody perfumes

The family of oriental and woody perfumes keeps the codes of the amber oriental scents with essences of musk, vanilla and exotic flowers particularly marked.

The woody notes extend over a wide range of scents. Indeed, we will find vetiver, oak, patchouli, sandalwood, moss or birch. These woody notes are used in the background of the composition of the perfume and are enhanced by the sweet scent of vanilla.

This perfume, fresher than the spicy oriental, will be worn in mid-season.

The oriental fern type perfumes for a note of freshness

The agreement with the fern is ideal to bring out with subtlety and elegance the sensuality of an oriental perfume.

Fresher and lighter than the two previous ones, I assure you that it will be worn even in summer by confident and charismatic men.

Associated with aromatic notes of lavender, sage or rosemary, the oriental fern perfume is of an extreme freshness combined with an intense vegetal power. One finds there woody, animalic bottom scents, even of the tobacco which gives an ultra masculine resonance.

The association of the oriental perfume and the leather

The association of the oriental amber perfume and leather make it one of the most bewitching and mysterious scents of the perfumery for men.

This perfume is generally constituted of essence of trees (birch, essence of agar…) associated with Cade, Ciste Labdanum and Styrax which bring the leathery notes of the perfume.

I recommend this bold style of perfume for the winter season.

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