Looking for a new fragrance? How about Heaven Can Wait by Frederic Malle? This scent is a woody floral with a hint of musk for men and women. Launched in 2023, this fragrance has quickly become a favorite. It was created by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena and is sure to be a big hit with its original touches.

Heaven Can Wait by Frederic Malle: a bewitching composition

Heaven Can Wait is composed from a variety of notes. Cloves, carrot seeds and allspice seeds are found in the top notes. These scents are complemented by ambrette and plum. Heart notes include iris, magnolia and vetiver. Base notes include musk, peach and vanilla.

This subtle blend offers a powerful yet discreet fragrance. Clove adds a warm, spicy touch. This is clearly perceptible. It’s a soft cloud lightly powdered by white musk. You can also easily recognize the presence of plum (prune version), which gives the fragrance a fleshy note.

Jean-Claude Ellena was inspired by the love story in Claude Lelouch’s film “Un homme et une femme” to create this scent. He intended it as a caress, highlighting the swirling blend of spices to which he added a vintage touch with iris.

Heaven Can Wait by Frederic Malle

A fragrance that’s sure to please!

Heaven Can Wait by Frederic Malle is first and foremost a comfort fragrance. It’s soft and discreet. Its scent may surprise some who find it too light. Above all, it’s a fragrance that invites you on a sensual journey. We love this reinterpretation of a Parisian classic that plays on exotic yet reassuring notes. We also appreciate this fragrance for its subtlety and irresistible appeal.

The brand defines it as a sensual journey to the heart of spices. The fragrance can be summed up as a burning whiff of clove. Carrot seed adds a powdery, earthy note. This is followed by notes of tender iris. Add to this a particularly mellow woody note. The fragrance is built around the hot-cold duality of pimento and iris.

Will you adopt Heaven Can Wait by Frederic Malle?

As you’ll have gathered, this scent remains discreet and may come as a surprise to those who like strong perfumes. This is not the case here, and you won’t be bothered for long by this spicy scent. In fact, the fragrance doesn’t last long, and you’ll have to add a little more during the day before you can be smelled. This is a major drawback for this perfume, which nevertheless remains expensive.

It will therefore suit people who want a discreet fragrance that is marked by clove and its ardor. The sweet notes of peach and prune complete the scent with roundness. It’s a fragrance for people who want to emphasize their seductiveness. It’s a sensual journey enhanced by the ardor of vetiver. But no scent that drowns out our olfactory senses.

It’s all about discretion, and that can be damaging. Many critics have dismissed this fragrance as a weak juice. And it’s true that it would have deserved more power to stand out and seduce the greatest number of people. We love the fragrance, but remain disappointed that it doesn’t hold up on the skin.

Bottom line

This fragrance highlights the eternal seduction of men and women. It has the talent to surprise and reassure with its spicy, powdery floral envelope that we love so much. As its name suggests, this scent is intended to lead us to Paradise.

This complex structure gives the fragrance a specific, elegant, nostalgic and unique character. And even if you don’t notice this fragrance right away, it manages to win you over with its subtle, bewitching hints of spice.

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