Valentino offers you a dreamy dive into contemporary Rome, with a perfume inspired by the Orient, revolving around a  between mandarin and gingerbread. Thus was born the perfume Valentino Uomo Born in Roma Yellow Dream.

A yellow bottle and the emblematic nails of the brand

Now a Valentino classic, the Rockstud style of the Born in Roma bottle is inspired by the engravings of Italian pallazi and luxury leather goods, and borrows the pyramid nail to shape the relief of the bottle. The transparent glass lets the light filter through a very light yellow perfume, whose color announces the freshness that is promised to us.

It is not for nothing that the perfumer has selected this color to dress his precious liquid. It is indeed a reminder of the sunlight that bathes the streets and monuments of the city.

The signature Valentino, itself in fluorescent yellow, completes the sober and elegant packaging, and asserts the streetwear character of the fragrance. It is indeed to urban fashion that Valentino decided to attack, and with great success.

Valentino Uomo Born in Roma Yellow Dream review

Fresh and spicy Italian style

When it comes to choosing a perfume for men, it can quickly seem complicated, so I will try to transcribe for you what this beautiful perfume gives off.

Mandarin and lemon make up the top note of this perfume with a very fresh opening. Tangerine brings pep and a touch of sparkling fruit as soon as it is sprayed, while Mexican lime and pineapple come second, to perfect the accord and let it linger in the air for long minutes.

Next come very herbaceous heart notes, with Provencal lavender and a touch of geranium. This creates a contrast with the fruity lightness of the top notes, bringing the olfactory power of these two flowers.

But to create the illusion of an oriental fragrance, spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom are added, which together warm up the mixture and create an impression of freshly baked gingerbread. The agreement is original and quite addictive.

To finish, after the freshness of citrus and the power of spices, it is vanilla and Virginia cedar that conclude the journey, and that will remain on the skin for a long time, to create a very masculine trail, in the Italian spirit.

Smells like a weekend in Rome

Very Italian in its composition, this fragrance undoubtedly evokes contemporary Rome, known for its warmth, sunshine, dolce vita, and the elegance of the men who walk its streets. It is reminiscent of the luminous landscape with the scent of citrus fruits, such as tangerine and lemon, but also of masculine elegance and the famous Italian Sprezzatura. A mixture of modern dandyism, of affirmed virility, despite a lightness of tone and a nonchalance that has become famous.

Comment porter le parfum Born in Roma Yellow Dream de Valentino ?

Very modern, I think this perfume is for men who are into streetwear chic. It reflects a very young image of its wearer, and will suit all dynamic men with an urban lifestyle and wardrobe.

If it is very fresh at the opening, it remains hot and powerful thereafter. It is therefore an ideal fragrance for mid-season, namely spring and fall. On the other hand, the gingerbread and tangerine accord is so original that I also recommend you to wear it for Christmas. It will allow you to carry with you all day, the freshness of the tangerines peeled in the kitchen on Christmas morning, while the gingerbread bakes in the oven. For this reason, we can make a small departure from the mid-season rule.

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