Miami, the capital of the party and bling bling hides magical places that tourists do not know.

To begin, we must differentiate Miami from Miami Beach. Even if the two cities are very close, one is synonymous of party and beach while the other represents a big American city with its beautiful buildings.

My first mistake during my first stay in Miami Beach was not to realize the distances. I had booked a hotel on the famous Collins Ave, at about the 1400 level.

Every day, it took me almost 30 minutes by car to get to the center of Miami Beach, where bars and restaurants are all around.

Between hotels and Airbnb, think about booking your accommodation in Miami Beach as close as possible to the beaches and the center to avoid having to rent a car.

Yes, you can spend a stay in Miami Beach without a car, which will save you a lot of money between car rental, gas and parking fees.

When I travel, I try to learn new things about the cities I visit or pass through and share them with you here. Miami is one of the vast cities I’ve loved and particularly enjoyed because it has so many treasures underneath its slightly overrated exterior.

So here are a few things off the beaten path that you can discover on your next trip to this incredible metropolis.

Some particularities about Miami

First of all, the name Miami is quite pretty in its sound. It also comes from an Indian word that means “fresh water”. Weird you say? No, Miami is one of the American cities where it rains the most per year with no less than 130 days on average.

In addition to the fact that Miami is a very cosmopolitan city, it also has several “official” languages which are Spanish, English, German and French. The reason for this is simple to understand: the city has been occupied for a long time by the three countries of the old continent.

Miami’s amazing infrastructure

The tourist port of the city is the first port counting in cruise ships with no less than a third of the world fleet. The Four Seasons Hotel is the largest skyscraper in Miami with 72 floors and 242 meters high.

In the city there are more than 80 parks and public gardens within it and Miami is the only city in the USA that is surrounded by two national parks which are the Everglades National Park and the Biscayne National Park.

It is also the city with Miami Beach Art Deco that contains the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world because the city has more than 800 buildings.

Finally, we can say that this impressive metropolis is also the only American city of this size to have been founded by a woman who was Julia Tuttle.

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