The perfume market is full of different scents and creations. So when it comes to choosing your perfume, you may have some hesitation. We love this scent, but it doesn’t really suit us. This one is too classic and yet, it has a little something that does not leave us insensitive…

In short, when it’s time to choose your future perfume, you start an adventure. If you don’t feel like spending long hours testing different fragrances, why not turn directly to a perfume considered as one of the best in the world: Labo Santal 33 ?

Le Labo Santal 33 review

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Le Labo, a French perfumer

First of all, let’s introduce the creator of the perfume. Le Labo was born in France, in Grasse (on the French Riviera) more precisely. The place is known to be the capital of perfumery. The founders learned the trade and developed their know-how.

A few years later, the duo behind Le Labo, Edouard Roschi and Fabrice Penot, migrated to the United States and set up shop in New York in 2006. It was the beginning of the glory for the French perfumer.

The brand works in the rules of art. First of all, it has created partnerships with artisans. There is no room for the big perfume groups that turn this art into an industry. From the rose picker to the master perfumer, from the wax maker to the laboratory master, Le Labo collaborates with passionate people.

The brand’s goal is to create, above all, a totally unique sensory experience. They emphasize slow perfumery, which means that the manufacturing process takes its time. It is above all an art that consists in mixing the perfumes by hand. Each label is also personalized (23 fonts are available).

Le Labo is at the origin of 18 fragrances, all unisex. They have also created 10 candles, body lotions and a skin care line. Each fragrance is imagined from a story, a dream, a desire. The number of fragrances is limited so that each one can best sublimate itself (and its colleague) in contact with the skin.

Le Labo has thus imagined 3 families of fragrances. The amazing floral fragrances, very feminine, but nevertheless perfect for men (like Rose 31), the sensual ones like Iris 39 or the unclassifiable fragrances like the very woody Patchouli 24 or the greedy Neroli 36.

I will now introduce you to the famous Santal 33, an iconic fragrance from this amazing brand that refuses uniformity.

What does Labo Santal 33 smell like?

Le Labo Santal 33 is a very popular unisex fragrance that is often described as woody, spicy and slightly floral. Here is a description of the main notes that many people recognize in this fragrance:

  1. Sandalwood: As the name suggests, sandalwood is a dominant note in this fragrance. Sandalwood brings a woody, creamy warmth to the fragrance.
  2. Leather: A subtle but distinct leather note can be detected in Santal 33, adding further depth and sophistication.
    Spices: Spicy notes such as pepper, cinnamon or cumin are often perceived in this fragrance, bringing an extra dimension of warmth and complexity.
  3. Floral notes: Although this is a woody, spicy fragrance, light floral touches, such as vetiver or rose, can be perceived, bringing a certain freshness and floral subtlety to the scent.
  4. Musk: Musk is often used as a base note in Santal 33, adding a certain sensuality and lasting sweetness to the fragrance.

Santal 33, the best perfume in the world?

Santal 33 is THE perfume of the brand, created by Frank Voelkl. You can smell it everywhere today, well almost, because the price is still quite prohibitive.

The perfume was launched in 2011 and has made many people, men and women, addicted to it.

As the name suggests, this perfume is based on different fragrances of which Sandalwood is king. The creators combined it with cardamom, violet, amber, ambrox, cedar, pine and iris to offer a subtle blend of warm woody essences to which a final little touch of musk is added to “animate” the whole.

The fragrance is totally addictive, elegant, animalic and mystical all at once. It highlights the wearer’s chic, but also her spirit and desire for adventure. When you open the precious bottle, you imagine yourself in the heart of the desert, you smell the leather of a cowboy saddle, you feel the crackling wood fire. A few spicy notes join the program for the energy note that modern adventurers need.

It’s a totally unique scent, yet one that reminds us all of something pleasant

Santal 33 has made a name for itself without a monstrous advertising campaign, without stars, without noise. But its scent, recognizable among all, made its way first to New Yorkers (it was nicknamed by the New York Time Style: “the perfume you smell everywhere”). The scent, which relies on “perfect imperfection” (according to the creators themselves), has now won over many famous necks.

We know that Justin Bieber has succumbed to the rare scent of Santal 33, as well as Alexa Chung and Emma Roberts. The perfume has won hearts without making any noise. Its trail leaves you dreaming of wide open spaces with a well-dosed bitterness, round bitter notes, a touch of acidity, pungent leather notes very present that combine with the creamy notes of the star of the perfume: sandalwood.

Let Frank Voelkl talk about his work:

“It’s not so much the sandalwood that gives this fragrance its charm, but rather powerful, impactful notes that meet and harmonize with each other. It is a simple and complex formula at the same time”

Santal 33 has succeeded in its bet to mix the scents of the great outdoors with urban tones. Doubtful? I advise you to test this perfume which has become a sure value throughout the world. You will see that even if it does not suit you, it will make you travel!

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