Floral essences, oriental fragrances, animal notes, perfume is much more than a simple beauty gesture, it’s a signature, the embodiment of a state of mind, fiery, light, charming, ambitious. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the love of your life, I’m here to give you the top perfumes preferred by women – and this is not based on my opinion, but on sales since their release!

women's favorite fragrances of all time

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1. Chanel’s legendary Numéro 5

Developed in 1921, Numéro 5 is a must-have fragrance popularized by the actress and epitome of glamour, Marilyn Monroe. Fresh as a summer’s day, thanks to notes of bergamot and lemon, the heart is a floral whirlwind of ylang-ylang, rose de mai and jasmine, contained in a minimalist bottle that gives free rein to the fragrance. I can tell you that Numéro 5 is more than a fragrance, it’s a sensual, timeless imprint.

2. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, an addictive fragrance

A black bottle with sober, radical lines for a fragrance as glamorous as it is disturbing. Imagined by a quartet of talented noses, Black Opium, oriental and floral, plays on the contrast between light and shadow, feminine and masculine, combining the bitterness of coffee, an ingredient never before used at this level of concentration, with the intoxicating bouquet of white flowers. As for the base note, it leaves an air of freedom in the sweet tones of vanilla and patchouli.

3. L’eau des Merveilles d’Hermès, the audacious one

How can a fragrance turn its back on flowers? This demanding juice is built around an exceptional ingredient. Ambergris, a concretion released by the sperm whale, is a precious and expensive material now reproduced synthetically. With its animalic, camphorated notes, I find Eau des Merveilles to be a vibrant, original fragrance, far removed from the usual codes of perfumery.

4. J’Adore by Dior, the feminine scent

Glamorous and luxurious, the scent of J’Adore is luminous, like its gold-colored amphora-shaped bottle. Sophisticated and dazzling, the first fruity note is accompanied by a floral flight of rose and jasmine. The whole is rounded off by a musky touch of sandalwood. J’Adore made a sensational entry into the world of perfumery in 1999, achieving the feat of taking first place from Chanel’s legendary Numéro 5.

5. Guerlain’s spellbinding Shalimar

Shalimar was born of an encounter between a story and a master perfumer. During a visit to the Taj Mahal in India, Monsieur Guerlain was moved by the romance between Shah Jahan and his wife. To pay tribute to her, he had a white marble mausoleum built. Suave, unsettling and a touch magical, Shalimar is a timeless fragrance with notes of bergamot, rose and benzoin in a bottle of feminine beauty.

6. Angel by Mugler, the ambiguous

Created in 1992, the star, a cult symbol of Thierry Mugler’s universe, expresses the multiple facets of a signature fragrance. The journey begins in Calabria, among sun-drenched bergamot trees. Then, thanks to praline and juicy red fruit notes, freshness gives way to gourmandise, while sandalwood and musk leave a powerful oriental trace.

7. L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci, the inspired fragrance

A manifesto for peace created in 1948, in the aftermath of the Second World War, L’Air du Temps is a twirling floral, an ode to novelty and the happiness of new-found freedom. With its iconic crystal bottle surmounted by two doves, I feel that this fragrance exudes spring, the renewal of fruit and flowers crowned by amber and spices.

8. La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme, the enchanter

A fragrance associated with joy and good humor, La Vie est Belle is a balanced, gourmand juice combining the nobility of Dalmatian iris, one of the most expensive raw materials in perfumery, with the suavity of patchouli. Radiant and unique, I assure you that the fragrance contained in this bottle is like the promise of a smile taking flight.

9. Flower By Kenzo, the poetic

Rich and delicate, Flower by Kenzo is a pure product of a master perfumer’s olfactory imagination, as it invents the scent of a flower that has none: the poppy! In this slightly curved bottle, the flower makes its way through divine scents of blackcurrant, violet, Bulgarian rose and white musk.

10. Scandal by Jean-Paul Gaultier, the rebel

Unbridled, exuberant, scandalous, I wonder who this woman is diving into Jean-Paul Gaultier’s bottle? Without a doubt, she’s one of those women who’s not afraid of a good laugh! Sweet and floral, Scandal opens with a note of mandarin orange, followed by white flowers including gardenia and jasmine. I’m certain that Scandal is designed for free-spirited, powerful women.

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