Cars and Motorcycles

Conscious of the impact of the imaginary of the car and the motorcycle has on our minds, I propose you to discover in this section articles on the advices and good practices on the various models of 4 wheels or 2 wheels vehicles, but also opinions and anecdotes.

Always constructive and documented, these articles bring, I hope, some ideas, but also information on what the world of the car and the motorcycle reserves us.

Reviews and tips for car and motorcycle enthusiasts

It is not easy to find your way around when you are trying to invest or equip yourself with a means of locomotion, whether it is out of necessity, professional requirement or passion. Thus, I present different themes and recurring subjects related to the automobile mainly in order to give you my feedback and the fruit of my research on the subject.

Whether it’s about buying or leasing a car, the steps to take to get a license or accompanied driving, the documents to hand in for a new car registration or the ways to get your license points back, you will find many illustrated and synthetic posts.

These articles are also an opportunity to help you make your choice regarding the type of vehicle, the type of engine (gasoline, diesel, hybrid, electric…), the advantages and disadvantages of leasing or even how to negotiate the dream vehicles that have marked their generation.

Without bias, I give you all the keys to guide you in your reflections, while giving my opinion on the question.

The world of cars and motorcycles

In addition to the practical articles that show how to repair your car at a lower cost or repair a small dent in your bodywork, I also propose to come back to the news that directly affects the world of cars and motorcycles.

Diesel taxation, toll highways, new safety standards, speed limits on secondary roads, the reinforcement of safety in today’s vehicles, the autonomy of electric vehicles… Many posts already written or to come will give you an overview of what awaits you as a motorist or motorcyclist.

Also, this category could be the subject of lighter and more unusual articles with some of my feedback from a trip or an anecdote that deserves to be told.

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