Chypre perfumes for men

If you like fresh, woody, yet present scents, I recommend you try chypre type scents. By definition, perfumes in this family fall under floral notes such as bergamot, jasmine, rose, patchouli as well as different variations of tree moss.

These are perfumes with character. However, they remain well balanced once on the skin.

If you are a charismatic man who likes originality, I highly recommend this type of perfume family that will match your personality perfectly.

Why do we call this family of perfume “chypre”?

Without any originality, the perfumes of the chypre family owe their name to the island of Cyprus. Indeed, since the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of this small Mediterranean island are at the crossroads of trade in spices, incense and exotic flowers from the East.

The noses of the time have therefore developed a new kind of perfume by proposing the water of Cyprus which is a subtle balance of olibanum, iris, nard with marjoram.

Nowadays, the composition of the eau de Chypre has evolved, but the perfume family has kept its original name. It was not until the beginning of the XXᵉ century, that perfumeries made this family of perfumes available to the general public.

What are the different categories of a chypre perfume?

As with all perfume families, chypre perfumes come in different sub-categories. Thus, you will find fruity chypre (often with fresh citrus notes), aromatic, green (which goes well with the chypre family), woody, leathery (quite bold and heady) or floral (lighter for the warmer seasons).

Depending on your sensibility, you can also go for iodized chyprés that will remind you of the sea, warm sand and vacations.

What all chypre fragrances have in common is that they offer a range of sensual and elegant scents.

How to wear a chypre perfume for men?

The chypre perfume is a timeless and reliable value. You can easily wear it for a special occasion (date, end of the year parties…) since it leaves, in its wake, a quite marked fragrance.

If you like discretion, pass your way! The chypre perfume is definitely not for you. With this type of perfume, you will be noticed. Although some sub-categories (fruity, floral…) soften a little the power of this mixture, it is still a top perfume. This perfume is sensual and punchy, that’s why it will be perfect for men with an assertive personality and a strong character.

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