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Men’s tops: the different styles and how to choose them?

Welcome to the men’s fashion section of my blog. I propose you to discover together the different essential pieces of your dressing.

Today, we are going to talk about the tops which, for me, represent an important element of the look, because it is still what attracts the first glance.

There are countless types of tops, from the timeless shirt to the pretty summer tank tops, perfectos, jackets like kimono jackets for men, through the soft and silky sweaters of winter.

So here I give you the basic tips on choosing tops for men, depending on the occasion but also the season.

The essential shirt

So, the shirt remains despite the years, a key piece of the male wardrobe. I particularly like the shirt because it is versatile: with the same shirt you can have two very different looks.

Worn with a suit with or without a tie, the slim-fitting cotton shirts will give you a stylish look. The same shirt can be worn with jeans and loafers for a casual yet chic look.

Fabric, colors and patterns will also determine how a shirt can be worn.

Linen shirts, with soft colors or pastel tones, will be perfect for the nice days, while flannel shirts will be more suitable for the fall. I explain in one of my articles how to choose a slim fit shirt, it might help you if you like this type of shirt cuts for men.

Sweater and sweatshirt: the essentials for a trendy winter

Shorter days and endless fine rains are no reason to neglect your outfit. As much as it’s fun to wear colorful outfits in the warm season, I appreciate the opportunity to look for the perfect combination of pieces needed for the winter season.

It’s important to have at least one sweater with a basic fit and a solid color. A wool version is perfect.

But those with a larger budget can afford cashmere, which is of a higher quality.

V-neck sweaters can easily be worn over a shirt and are best complemented with a suit if proper attire is required or simply with jeans and a jacket.

For more comfort and if the occasion allows it, choose the sweater. Pair it with jeans and your favorite sneakers for a street look if it has a hood.

Tank top or tee-shirt: the summer essentials

Summer is synonymous with tee-shirts and tank tops. I advise to choose breathable fabrics like cotton, because you will be more serene during the hot weather.

For a minimalist look, favor those with a solid color. You can also be tempted by shimmering colors, or even prints with patterns or a message. In addition, the crop top is back in fashion among men!

In this case, combine them with shorts, pants or Bermuda shorts more sober to counterbalance.

How to choose your pants, jeans, Bermuda shorts or shorts?

These essentials of the male dressing room play an important role in the enhancement of the silhouette.

So, I recommend you not to buy them lightly. Asking yourself a few questions will help you avoid disappointment later on. Is this trendy cut really ideal for my body type?

Does the quality look good? Are the finishes impeccable? Here are a few tips to help you choose these different types of men’s bottoms.

The main models of pants for men

Classic pants: ideal for formal occasions, they can also give character to your outfit when worn without a jacket.

Choose them at your size: fitted, but not too much. The quality of the material is an absolute priority here. A fabric that is too cheap will definitely ruin all your efforts to look elegant with these tailor pants.

The chino: it is perfect in all circumstances! At the office, it will look less casual than jeans. In the moments of relaxation, it is ultra comfortable while remaining chic. Choose all-purpose colors to wear it every day and combine it with all the pieces in your wardrobe without any headaches. And from time to time, opt for an original color associated with a neutral top.

Cargo: once reserved for hiking in the woods, these lattice pants are now a classic in the stylish man’s wardrobe.

Characterized by its patch pockets on the side of the thighs, it will be chic with a fitted blazer. However, pay attention to the details: for example, avoid pockets that are too puffy if you have developed quadriceps.

Jeans, the must-have of the male wardrobe

Choosing a pair of jeans is a very important step for your look! Raw, faded, worn, with buttons, with a zip… this legendary garment is so versatile that it is difficult to describe it in just a few lines.

At the fitting, keep a critical mind to determine the cut most adapted to your silhouette. Don’t go loose if your legs are short. Avoid skinny if you have curves. The slim (fitted) and the regular (straight) are the options that fit most people.

Finally, if I had only one piece of advice to give regarding this icon of our wardrobe, it would be to choose quality over quantity.

Nothing looks better than jeans made from a beautiful denim fabric (and why not selvedge denim?), and finished to a high standard. Have you ever tried to wear skinny jeans?

Bermuda shorts and shorts for men

With the arrival of warm weather, don’t hesitate to adopt shorts! Some people don’t know the difference between shorts and Bermuda shorts. But there is one: the length.

The Bermuda shorts go down to above the knee. And especially not lower to not break the silhouette. In terms of colors, you have the embarrassment of choice: it’s summer, you might as well let go!

Cut in a good fabric, the Bermuda shorts can give a very classy British side. In this case and only if your professional environment lends itself to it, you can consider wearing it at work.

Shorts, on the other hand, are much shorter and stop at mid-thigh. Its style is not suitable for everyday use outside of leisure. Keep it for sports activities and vacations: it will make an excellent swimsuit.

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