The Dior Homme Cologne a mythical product of the 2000s by the famous designer Christian Dior, has been reinvented in early 2020 for a more “modern” version. And this is not the first time: this is the eighth edition of the brand for the same fragrance.

On the advertising to represent it, we have the sex symbol Robert Pattinson on a song by Leonard Cohen called I’m your man. We see the actor taking lascivious postures in couple and wearing a boxer.

Masculine and tender, what about this new reformulation then? I give you full review on the olfactory icon of the brand, quite different from the fragrance Dior Cologne Royale.

Dior Homme perfume review

Dior Homme Cologne : A sophisticated and refined design

Massive, heavy, made of thick glass, the Dior Homme Cologne makes a statement from the start with its luxurious bottle. Its rectangular shape inspires strength and robustness. With its amber color, it has the elegant and refined look of a bourbon glass. But does it make you feel drunk? Definitely no 😉

A bewitching olfactory signature

If you like striking perfumes, you won’t be disappointed. Its trail corresponds exactly to what the bottle evokes.

Woody, with virile almost animal notes, the fragrance will undoubtedly make a strong impression. Not to spoil anything, in the background, we feel a certain freshness, some subtle notes a little more tender, more sensual, which combine with the power and strength.

Its smell is pervasive without overdoing it though. It is powerful, but not heady. It also has an excellent hold to complete the picture and easily lasts a whole day (or more). On the other hand, it is quite different from the previous Dior Homme. More discreet and powdery, less vanilla.

For connoisseurs, in the top notes, we perceive bergamot, pink pepper and elemi. The heart notes are composed of cashmere wood, Atlas cedar and patchouli. For the bottom notes that bring freshness, they are mainly vetiver from Haiti and white musk.

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A cologne for daring men

To sum up, this is a masculine fragrance, a real man’s fragrance. The song of Leonard Cohen takes here all its meaning. The perfume is the image of the advertisement: virile and solid on the one hand, soft and romantic on the other hand.

I particularly recommend it for those who are not afraid of the eyes and who recognize themselves in this mixture worthy of the best oxymorons. Notice to the bold, the sensual and the casual. We can only thank François Demachy for this new version in the air of time!

In my opinion, exit Dior Homme 2005 and all other versions, welcome Dior Homme Cologne 2020. However, if you prefer the original Dior Homme, you can still find it under the name of Dior Homme Original in all the brand’s boutiques and on the website. It has indeed been renamed for the occasion.

A success for Dior Homme Cologne 2021?

It is easy to understand all the positive notes on the website of the brand and the various sites of perfumeries.

This perfume is a very nice discovery. I can only advise you to test it on your skin. Do not hesitate to ask for a sample at your perfumer.

If you are looking for a perfume with character, this is the one you need. And to vary the pleasures and meet the expectations of all perfume lovers, note that Dior has declined its flagship product in several flankers (Editor’s note: products derived from a renowned perfume): Dior Homme Eau de toilette, Intense, Sport, Cologne or Original from now on …

There is even a whole range of shower gels, deodorants, lotions and care products. All you have to do is find the fragrance that suits you best! Enough to seduce everyone.

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