Skin Care for Men

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How to take care of your skin when you are a man?

For several years now, I’ve been trying to take care of myself, my skin and especially my good looks. Why do you ask? Simply because my face is the part of my body that we see the most, so it is imperative that it is impeccable. To do this, I use products adapted to find my good look.

But before you get a glowing skin, you have to go through the steps. First, start by cleansing the face and ridding it of impurities. Next, remove dead skin and gently scrub the pores. Finally, you need to moisturize your skin. Follow the guide!

Cleanse your face with a suitable product

To begin the treatment, get rid of your classic soaps, the cheap ones very often, which attack the skin more than they take care of it.

Forget the 3-in-1 type soaps: body – hair – face. These products deprive the skin of its hydrolipidic film, whereas it would be preferable to use a gentle, nourishing and purifying soap such as those from Kiehl’s.

Indeed, Kiehl’s offers us a quality product, with products 99% of natural origin. It purifies the face and regulates the natural sebum of the skin, thanks to its ingredients.

To treat oily skin, there are products adapted to clean and treat excess sebum.

Remove dead skin from your face and body!

To remove the small dead pieces of the epidermis, I suggest a gentle method that has proven itself: the exfoliating Konjac sponge. This way, you will find, as I did, a clear, smooth and clean skin.

This sponge is 100% natural, without any other artifice. You just need to moisten it to soften it, apply your usual cleanser and rub in circular motions on your face.

Be careful though, I must warn you that cleaning the face in this way should not be done daily, it would damage the skin more than anything else.

Sometimes, I go to the hammam to facilitate the extraction of dead skin, there are many in France and those for men are often at affordable prices.

Scrub pores in a gentle manner

For this to be effective, I recommend that you perform pore cleansing, every two weeks. This allows for a deeper cleansing of the skin, and removes the more stubborn impurities. My method for doing this cleansing is to use a cleansing mask. The mask is the ideal way to remove dirt and cleanse the skin.

For an optimal action, I suggest you to make this moment, a moment of relaxation, for your skin and your spirit. Apply a purifying mask, such as the one from Lab Series. It is effective and economical, and its ingredients are 98.5% natural.

Here’s how to proceed:

Apply the mask with a brush. You take this moment to relax. Once the mask is dry, simply rub it gently to remove it. Rinse your skin with clear, warm water.

Finally: moisturize the skin

Once all of these treatments are done, I apply a cream to help my skin regain moisture. To be totally honest with you, moisturizing is not just after these treatments. It’s a daily action for my skin to overcome the poisons of the city.

The skin of the city dweller fights pollution but also many aggressions such as stress or cold. To counter all these threats, I use a moisturizer in the form of a cream.

There is a multitude of them, and most of them leave traces, unpleasant residues. It is therefore necessary to find the product that will moisturize your skin without leaving a sort of disturbing texture.

If you can, try to choose a product that your skin will absorb quickly, so that you don’t smell the product on your face, with a light or even odorless scent.

Indeed, a product with too much fragrance suggests dubious components… Finally, consider treating dark circles with products adapted to this much more sensitive part of the face.

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