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Are you attracted to Uncle Sam’s country, in North America? You want to discover unusual landscapes, totally improbable places and especially opportunities not to be missed? In this case, I advise you to follow my news.

Why should you do that? Simply because I take you on incredible trails, off the beaten track. I’m the kind of person who shares what I find incredible.

Jump on an upcoming flight to the Big Apple, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, with me in your pocket to guide you and, why not, put your steps in mine.

Why Uncle Sam first?

Simply to remind you that my blog will not take you to my American family. No, this Uncle Sam who has become the symbol of an entire country is simply a 19th century meat seller.

He was a patriot who encouraged American troops, but his fame was simply the result of a misinterpretation. On his meat boxes, the soldiers could read US, but they translated Uncle Sam.

His fame grew until he became a symbol of the American spirit. He found himself plastered on posters that covered the walls of the entire country, from east to west. He is the one who encourages the troops, who gives momentum to this people of so many diverse backgrounds. He serves as a bit of a brewer and sets himself up as a founding father.

It is stories like these that dot the United States’ history that I want to tell you.

Prepare your trip to the United States: All my advice and tips!

First of all, check if you have (and need) an ESTA or not (the official website is here). The ESTA is valid for 2 years, you can enter with it until the last day of validity, it is not a VISA but an authorization to travel to the USA. On the spot, the customs officer will give you a right of stay up to 3 months (90 days).

Now, here are some steps to follow to prepare your stay in the USA:

  1. Find a bank with a card with no foreign transaction fees and with high end insurances.
  2. Choose your route! The USA is a big country, in this article, I give you some advice on where and when to go.
  3. Read my article “Advice before visiting the USA”.
  4. For your flights, check if you don’t have miles to travel for free, and compare prices on the websites of companies like Delta, Air France, American Airlines, British Airways… without forgetting Google Flight! And don’t forget to set your browser to private to avoid leaving too many traces of your searches and see the prices increase. Finally, if your flight is delayed or canceled, here is what to do to be compensated!
  5. Choose your hotel carefully! And register with to accumulate points and earn free nights!
  6. Pre-buy your activities, for example on the Viator website!
  7. Learn about tipping to pay easily in restaurants and bars in the USA.
  8. Go out with your ID card and put your passport away, except for customs you don’t need it at all!

The USA, a country of innovation and tradition

These are not only stories, but also experiences and I want to share them with you. Whether in New York for an exceptional helicopter flight, in Denver to discover the city and its surroundings or in the mythical Los Angeles, I offer you unique reports through the prism of my sensitivity. And it is great and entirely at your disposal.

You live all the events that I trace with me. You can go back to the scene and feel all the sensations that I wanted to instill at that precise moment.

You are totally in tune and ready to take off, to live intense moments in all tranquility. You have my advice at your disposal. They are very useful and allow you to become an informed adventurer who is worth at least two.

From the desert to the ocean, it’s just one giant step, but with me!

There are millions of stories and experiences unfolding before our eyes in the United States. I’ve managed to collect a few of them. But it’s not just about meeting people, it’s also about all the tips you need to make your trip to the USA a unique experience.

Since I also want to help you not to waste your dollars, but rather to help you spend them wisely, I’m showing you the best experiences I’ve had. There are many:

  1. The cheapest and highest rated hotels in the most popular destinations, whether it’s big cities like New York or simpler ones like Palm Springs, California. Become the actors of your trip by taking advantage of my personalized stays;
  2. A trip to Hawaii for a complete change of scenery. I show you the best ways to get to this island paradise and to see the most beautiful beaches of Honolulu. I share with you my enthusiasm for the nonchalance of the
  3. Hawaiians and you sway with me to the rhythms of the ukulele;
    An immersion in the desert landscape. You walk in the footsteps of the natives and discover ways of life close to nature with totem animals and reserves to visit.
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