A note of grapefruit, a touch of geranium, a hint of spice, this is the latest addition to the Spice Bomb collection. Released in 2020, Night Vision features the iconic design of the Viktor & Rolf fragrance series, a grenade to be pulled out to release the sensual and powerful scents of a fragrance represented by global singing phenomenon, Jacob Whitesides. I tell you more about this essence designed for men who want to stand out.

Viktor & Rolf, haute couture designers

In 2012, the Dutch house Viktor & Rolf gave carte blanche to the most talented nose of his generation, Olivier Polge. The child of Grasse, the perfume capital of southern France, imagined a magnetic fragrance composed of scents that everything opposes, bringing together in a single scent the incandescence of spices and the freshness of citrus.

It was an immediate success. As for the bottle, it has not changed since the first version of the Spice Bomb series, like a sculpture carved in glass with chiseled facets reminiscent of the shape of a shot. The difference lies in the color: the Night Vision bottle is black with an emerald band around it.

Spice Bomb Night Vision de Viktor & Rolf review

Three subtle notes for a mysterious atmosphere

Its totally irresistible architecture is based on the opposition of spices and citrus fruits and around the assembly of secret components. To build the olfactory pyramid, the creator develops three times, three times to express the soul of the perfume. The top note, arranged around the essence of grapefruit and lemon, is the first to be smelled. It is fresh, fleeting and ephemeral like a beautiful summer day.

Then comes the heart note that unfolds for hours and leaves an intense and voluptuous trail thanks to the presence of herbaceous sage and geranium, whose rose-like scrolls bring a soft and flowery allure. Finally, the base note gives richness and opulence to the fragrance. It is fiery, spicy, composed of roasted almonds, Tonka bean absolute, incense and a woody touch of fir basalm, a gigantic fir tree from North America.

The latter enters our olfactory memory, as it takes several days to evaporate. The whole integrates the aromatic category oriental fern, one of the oldest in men’s perfumery for the familiar smell it develops all in ardor, dynamism and energy. I was told that this perfume lasts all day and is recognizable among thousands.

How to perfume yourself?

I am used to hearing that a perfume is sprayed on the inside of the wrists, elbows, neck, even behind the knees for the reason that the veins circulating in these places are close to the skin and allow the scent to warm up. These pulse points would open the perfume like a good wine and allow it to last longer.

I assure you that this custom is not recommended by perfumers who believe that by rubbing our wrists for example we release enzymes that modify the essence of the perfume. And I am sure that this is not what you want. Therefore, I recommend that you spray your fragrance about 20 centimeters away from your skin and then do the same thing on your outfit for the day. This way, you will leave behind that oriental fern note so loved by dandies and elegant men.

To keep it, I recommend you to keep it in a dry place, at room temperature, so the bathroom is not the ideal place because of its high humidity. The best place to put it is on your bedside table or on a shelf in your dressing room.

Night Vision is an ideal scent to wear during the day as well as in the evening, it immediately gives that je-ne-sais-quoi of pep and modernity no doubt thanks to the bold contrast of the spicy and citrus notes it contains.

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