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Men’s favorite high tech objects

My favorite technological objects are yours. Like you, I’m a fan of vintage, sound and mobile apps. Let’s take inventory of my selection that you are sure to find yourself in.

From vintage phones to state-of-the-art headphones

I don’t know about you, but I’m still a die-hard nostalgic. Red phones with manual dials, apart from their erotic connotations, are very design-oriented. Slightly redesigned, some have lost their heaviness. Do as I do, rummage in the closets or on specialized websites to find an old fashion model that will make you regret having thrown away your old phone books.

As for listening to sound, I adopted wireless headphones a long time ago. Sound quality, total mobility, are the assets I look for in my headphones. There is still the thorny question of how to connect this tech object.

Does a wireless headset keep a good quality in Bluetooth system. This technology has evolved enough to perform well. Like, you like to walk or jog with music, then the Libratone Bluetooth is for you.

For speaker systems and my sound system, I am looking for the best of the best. That’s why I refer to big brands like Bose Wave sound touch IV or the 30 which are the accessories that allow me to organize quality events. Available in Bluetooth system, they allow me to remain free of my movements.

Mobility above all!

My need to move is hardly compatible with the office and its constraints.

The Zebra mobile printer, for example, allows me to work and print receipts and tickets remotely. I reconcile my need for space with my work. For my photos, I chose the Polaroid ZIP with its revolutionary inkless technology.

Mobile applications are an endless field. I am a curious person and always on the lookout for the latest app that can make my life easier. This is also the case for my money that I manage with my online bank.

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