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5 reasons to start workout out when you’re a man

When we hear the word weight training, our minds conjure up a room full of bodybuilders lifting weights and getting as red as a tomato from doing so.

But weight training is great for your health, both physically and mentally.

So here are my 5 good reasons to join the gym, just for these gentlemen:

1. Feeling good about yourself, feeling good about your pumps

Setting a goal, say, gaining muscle mass, following a program, seeing your body change as you work out, how do you feel in front of the mirror? Pride? Honor? Satisfaction? Whatever your feelings, they will be very positive, and this will have a lasting effect on your morale.

You gain motivation to go further in your objectives. You gain confidence in yourself and that’s a great thing. Thanks to the endorphins that you will secrete to make you so happy!

2. Building muscle means working on your complexes to turn them into a strength

This point is undoubtedly related to the first one, because if you work on specific areas, you are bound to gain in morale. But that’s not all. You’ll be able to show off on the beach this summer with beautiful, well-designed chocolate bars. Or you can carry that huge 40 kg box of books from your friends’ house for their move.

So what would you like to do to build up your pecs, abs, or back muscles, perhaps?

3. It is well known that sport is the best way to lose weight

You probably already knew this, but sports and, by extension, weight training, effectively help you lose weight. Thanks to weight training, you will lose your body fat to gain muscle. Why exactly? Weight training uses specific hormones to lose weight (adrenaline and noradrenaline).

These hormones will simply attach themselves to your fat cells and peck away at them for nourishment so that your body can make great physical efforts.

4. Surprisingly, you will see your libido take off

You’ll build up your testosterone levels in the first 50 minutes of training. However, try not to exceed this time, otherwise your level will drop.

This way, your sessions will result in a strong increase in libido and I’m sure your partners will appreciate it…

5. Have a healthy and better lifestyle

Building muscle is not just about having a fun summer. It is above all a way of life, resulting from a healthy and balanced hygiene.

Be careful, however, because it is easy to fall into the trap of abusing supplements.

Personally, I am regularly monitored by my doctor before supplementing my nutritional needs unnecessarily, and my goal is not to have a big muscle, just to feel good!

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