Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Givenchy’s Collection Particulière, where audacity meets refinement. Let yourself be seduced by an eau de parfum that reveals an unexpected contrast, blending the pure radiance of Indian tuberose with the depth of a smoky woody ink accord.

Téméraire by Givenchy offers a powerful, sensual olfactory signature, capturing the very essence of the House’s exceptional savoir-faire. Explore a new olfactory dimension, where each fragrance in the Collection Particulière embodies the ultimate expression of luxury and sophistication.

Givenchy Téméraire for Men

Complex olfactory pyramid, signature of the new Givenchy fragrance

Téméraire by Givenchy, launched in 2023, embodies the very essence of olfactory audacity, for both men and women. Top notes reveal the warmth of clove leaf and Guatemalan cardamom. The heart unveils a rich floral bouquet with Moroccan iris and Indian tuberose, and finally, the base notes fuse harmoniously with an accord of leather, Atlas cedar and vetiver.

The sensual audacity of oriental flowers for a unique imprint

The audacious spirit of this fragrance leaves an indelible olfactory imprint in its wake. This unique composition plunges you into an unexpected encounter between the pure radiance of Indian tuberose absolute and the bewitching depth of ink accord.

The first notes reveal a spicy blend of cardamom essence and incisive clove leaves, creating a captivating introduction. The floral bouquet, featuring Moroccan iris, then evolves into smoky woody nuances. The combination of Java vetiver and the strength of Atlas cedar creates a distinctive textured signature.

This vibrant duo of tuberose and ink is enriched by the ambery warmth of cade from Spain and benzoin from Laos, giving its trail unrivalled power and sensuality.

A fragrance for men that leaves no one indifferent

Givenchy’s new eau de parfum Téméraire is for men who dare to stand out from the crowd. Its name itself suggests audacity, and its olfactory accords are no exception, offering an experience both surprising and intense.

This fragrance goes beyond convention, elevating the personality of those who wish to stand out from the crowd, and affirming those who, already ambitious, are moving forward on conquered ground. It thus becomes a true ally for those seeking to express their individuality with force, captivating the senses and reflecting resolute self-assurance. Téméraire becomes an olfactory signature for those who fully embrace their singularity and display their determination.

The bottle: Givenchy’s usual simple, refined luxury

Givenchy’s Téméraire fragrance not only boasts an exceptional olfactory composition, it also stands out for its new bottle. The deep black cap, embellished with a delicate metal ring, accentuates its architectural silhouette, adding a touch of modernity to its aesthetic.

Every detail of this case has been meticulously thought out to embody the sophistication and refinement that characterize the Givenchy brand. By combining the beauty of the design with the excellence of the fragrance, this bottle becomes much more than a simple container, it becomes a visual expression of the elegance and luxury that envelops the Téméraire fragrance.

Téméraire by Givenchy for everyday use

Perfect for mid-season, this fragrance offers remarkable intensity, leaving a lingering imprint in its wake. Ideal for spring or autumn, it can easily replace a usual fragrance with amber or leathery notes. Its singular character sets it apart, making it memorable at every encounter. With a surprisingly original accord that’s hard to define, it exudes a powerful personality.

Undeniably luxurious, a simple press of the spray releases captivating scents that evolve and express themselves for hours.

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