Choosing the right perfume and cologne is one area requiring gender parity if the world is keen on helping males not lag.

However, some men have mastered the art of choosing delightful fragrances to the extent that most of their female counterparts cannot match.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or a female, perfumes and cologne have enhanced beauty for the men and women who wear them. The use of fragrances has evoked nostalgic memories and lifted moods through overpowering scents. However, selecting the right fragrance has been a great challenge for most men, considering that the market has over a million perfumes. This is how to make the right pick !

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Consider the Notes

It’s an aspect that continues to confuse many people, who wonder how fragrances have notes like music. The truth is that each perfume and cologne has a note that determines its extent of scent. The notes are classified in distinct layers called the base, the middle, and the top. The three notes work in tandem to produce a pleasant scent.

Perfumes that are considered as floral contain various scent notes such as geranium, rose, and gardenia. If you choose to explore fruity scents, you’ll most likely encounter undertones of apples and citrus fruits. The market also has exotic perfumes with spices such as cinnamon. Moreover, with vanilla being a popular scent amongst men, finding the right men’s vanilla cologne brand can be a bit confusing. You, therefore, need to go through a review of the different brands to ensure that you land on a version that matches your fashion, taste, and budget.

Consider the Concentration

Before identifying your ideal taste, your sense of smell can assist in judging the strength, but the verdict could take up to a full-day. It’s because different colognes have distinct concentration levels, making some to smell longer than others. The highly concentrated perfumes usually cost higher than the less-concentrated products.

Here are the four concentrations of perfumes that exists;

  • Perfume, often known as parfum, is the highest concentration available in the market. Its single scent on your wrist is enough to run you for twelve hours, like Bronze Wood & Leather from Jo Malone London.
  • Eau de parfum is the second-most concentrated fragrance that can last for six hours after its application.
  • Eau de toilette is coming in number three and requires its lover to apply it more than once for the best experience. It’s worth noting that this category is usually affordable and available in the market.
  • Eau de cologne is occupying the lowest rank in the concentration contest. It usually lasts for two hours.

Test the Fragrance Before Purchase

It could be the reason most cosmetic stores offer testers for their customers. The process of testing usually starts at bottle-sniffing before you could proceed to other details. After establishing the scent, you can apply it on your skin to determine if it’s uniquely ideal for your hormones and pheromones.

 Identifying the right fragrance of perfume for men is often a tedious process that can claim your money and time. It’s essential to follow steps that would let you select a fragrance that grants you a unique scent. Remember, never purchase a fragrance only because it perfectly suits a person, you know. Our skins respond differently to fragrances.