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Workout Clothes Through the Years

Shorts, sweatpants, tee shirts, cardio accessories…

What should you wear to work out?

Autopsy of the favorite look of sportsmen

Sportswear is undoubtedly the favorite look of men in everyday life. Comfortable and practical, the image they convey is that of a dynamic and entrepreneurial man.

But what to wear in a gym where appearance and dress codes seem to be important.

The first gym locations

The first gym for individuals dates back to 1919 and people only went there to loosen up and do some exercises. Then, a military man had the idea to teach gymnastics.

At that time, sportswear was chic and not really comfortable.

The post-war period

Sportswear remained chic and not really practical. There were not many gyms to practice this discipline.

To exercise, men wore baggy pants, caps and white tennis shoes, which had just come onto the market.

The 60s and 70s

It’s the change. Outfits became more casual and technical. Men shed their sweaters. The white tank top called Marcel finally comes out of the hombre and becomes an essential fashion accessory.

It is also the arrival of the tracksuit that we put on after his sports session.

The 80’s

Watching the cult show of the 80’s by Véronique and Davina, we can’t help but notice the flashy outfits of our sportsmen of the time.

Shiny jogging, split shorts, tight leotards and low-cut tank tops revealing part of the stomach. It’s the electric rock period!

The 90’s

The 80’s are not far away, but the outfits are more streetwear and hip-hop. With sportswear, it’s also a more chic version that comes with shorts, polo and sweatshirt. The teeshirts are graphic and colorful.

At this same period, the cap is fashionable for men and women.

The year 2000

In the fitness rooms, influenced by African fashion, tracksuits and shorts are colorful and ethnic. They are worn loose.

Year 2010

The outfits and materials become more technical and important in the choice of clothing. But rap dominates, teeshirts are worn in XXL size and jogging suits are in peach skin. Shorts still have their place, but they are loose and long.


We are in the tight jogging, falling on the ankle, to ultra slim tank tops and always so many colors and style, the world of streetwear is more than ever trendy and fashionable.

How to choose your workout clothes?

Connected leggings and tank tops? Technology and performance have become a priority in the choice of clothing. Of course, being trendy in the gym remains essential and the choice of brands is essential.

Polyester jogging suits tightened at the ankle are the fashion piece of the moment for a successful entrance into the gym.

Shorts are short and T-shirts are simple, but close to the body in microfiber, to hide the marks of perspiration.

We also see leggings that offer muscle support and promote recovery and sneakers are high-tech with cushioned soles and weight distribution. In 2019, we’ve even seen the return of the men’s crop top!

Despite the decades and fashions, one thing hasn’t changed in the gym, “the sweat”.

So gentlemen, whether you are nostalgic for the fluorescent leotard style and mullet hairstyle or you find this look tacky, remember that the absence of halos does not exempt you from washing your teeshirt after use.

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