Toronto, the economic capital of Canada and capital of the province of Ontario, contains hidden places and treasures that only a local can help you discover… or me!

With more than 2.8 million inhabitants, it is one of the most visited cities in Canada and which attracts more and more French people to settle there.

I had the chance to discover Toronto several times, going there by car from Montreal and sometimes by plane.

From Montreal, it takes 7 hours to reach the city of Toronto. This city often reminded me of Los Angeles, not by its climate, but not by its very extensive construction.

The first time I went to Toronto, I must admit that I didn’t like the city. We didn’t know where to go, where to start!

Over time, I discovered magical places, even if it sometimes took up to an hour to get there.

Toronto often fades behind its very popular rival Montreal. However, Canada’s economic capital also has a lot to offer. No wonder many French people decide to take up residence there. I’ll take you there.

The New York of Canada

It’s not just the dizzying aspect of its architecture that makes Toronto Canada’s New York. Like the Big Apple, the megalopolis has incredible ethnic diversity, resulting in a patchwork of neighborhoods with strong characters.

Chinatown, Greektown, Little India, Little Italy, you name it, here you go. Gourmets will find complete satisfaction there.

Toronto, no stress and the beach in the city

One surprising thing about Toronto is the relative serenity that reigns there. For a city of this importance, one might expect more hustle and bustle.

Is it the calming proximity of majestic Lake Ontario? The fact that you can walk along its banks and even take a dip in it in summer? Yes, there are beaches in Toronto… I’ll let you speculate. And, since we’re there, you should also know that Niagara Falls is not very far, about an hour’s drive.

Bars, restaurants and culture, not always around the corner

Many other treasures are to be found in Toronto: breathtaking views, pedestrian areas, parks… And I’m not talking about the atmosphere, it’s an open, cultural and plural city. Only, it spreads and spreads. Unless you have a good guide, you have to earn it a little.

Besides, I must admit that on my first visit, I was only moderately excited by the city. But over time and visits, Toronto revealed itself to me. I discovered its discreet magic and succumbed to its true charms. Follow me, I’ll reveal them to you in quick succession.

Let’s discover the city of Toronto together!

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