A good belt can support you for years of regular use. But to get the most out of a belt, you have to choose it and measure it correctly.

This can be a bit tricky because the measurements of the belt are often not aligned directly with the measurements of the clothing size. But with a little research and practice, you can learn to correctly determine the size and style, and therefore know how to choose a belt when you are a man.

choose a belt when you are a man

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How to find your belt size?

Men’s belts are of two types: casual and formal. The way to make the difference is to check the width of the belt.

A good rule is to literally use your thumb. If the belt is about the same width as your thumb, it is a formal belt. If it is wider, then the belt is relaxed. Formal belts will also be generally shiny or reflective.

But formal belts will have flatter or more muted finishes. A full wardrobe for men should have at least one.

Although men’s belts are available in a wide range of colors, focus on three main colors: black, brown and beige

Ideally, your wardrobe will include a formal belt, such as a leather belt, and a casual belt. You can also find attractive reversible belts that have two colors in one, for example, black on one side and beige on the other side. It’s up to you to choose the right belt according your style !

How to measure a belt?

If you already have a belt that fits you, but you do not know the size of it, you can measure it to determine the size.

choose a belt when you are a man

To begin, do not measure the belt end to end, it will not give a precise size to go.

Extend the belt flat and measure where the buckle is attached to the belt (do not include the buckle itself in your measurement) to the hole you normally use. Choose the belt size that best fits your measurement for a perfect fit.

choose a belt when you are a man

Choose a type of men’s belt according to its look

An essential element of the male dressing, a belt has become a fashion accessory for men in their own right. If for many it is considered a practical object, it is also the finishing touch to your outfit. Sober or original, leather or cotton, it must be admitted that face all these models, it is sometimes difficult to navigate.

Which belt for which style?

If the belts are declined in a multitude of varieties, there are however two categories that every man must know:

Formal belts

These are the belts that are usually worn with a suit, such as a custom made suit at an affordable price. Fine and minimalist, with a rectangular buckle, they are discreet not to attract too much attention to them.

Worn in a context of elegance, it can also be associated with all type of jeans as a slim jean, a white shirt and a blazer for a chic and modern outfit. To avoid any lack of taste, it is advisable to match the color of your belt to the color of your shoes.

Casual belts

Wider than the formal belt, with a more or less original buckle, the men’s casual belt is usually worn with jeans or chinos.

Unlike her cousin, she wears in a spirit of relaxation and allows a little more stylistic freedom. The braided belts will be perfect to brighten up an outfit in the summer. Play with materials and colors!

To add a touch of elegance, avoid faux leather or polyurethane and prefer a real leather belt. If you never do anything odd with black, think also to vary your style by opting for a weathered model.

For a casual look, cotton, suede leather or wool allow for variations of color, while loops offer you a lot of possibilities, so let your imagination speak!

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