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The most incredible and sensual perfumes for men are tested on my men’s grooming blog to tell you how to choose a perfume for men. I will share with you my list of the best perfumes for men and sometimes even for women, thanks to the mixed perfumes.

Between Diptyque perfumes, Boucheron mixed perfumes, Tom Ford perfumes for men, Atelier Cologne fragrances, Byredo and many others, I will share with you my best discoveries.

Top men’s cologne for 2022

Following a survey of my readers, here are the top 10 best men’s fragrances for 2022:

  1. Bleu de Chanel, timeless
  2. Tom Ford Ombré Leather, the timeless
  3. Giorgio Armani Beauty – Acqua Di Gio
  4. Montblanc – Legend
  5. Atelier Cologne – Orange Sanguine, the fresh water
  6. Acqua Di Parma – Chinotto Di Liguria
  7. Christian Dior – Cologne Royale, for the romantics
  8. GIVENCHY – Gentlemen Only Casual Chic
  9. Dior Homme – Eau Pour homme
  10. GUERLAIN – The Ideal Man

The origins of perfume

The first bottle of perfume is not new! Perfume began to be used in ancient Egypt, from 2650 BC to 2150 BC.

Under the ancient empire, the bodies of the deceased were embalmed with perfume, while incense was burned during religious ceremonies. Later, the Greeks and then the Romans made the first oily macerates by infusing plants in vegetable oil.
Perfume is more and more used as a cosmetic product from the Renaissance on.

The great discoveries allowed to bring back new fragrances from Asia and America, such as vanilla. It is in the 19th century that perfume appears as we know it today, thanks to the creation of synthetic products.

What are the different types of perfumes?

There are 5 main categories of perfume, defined by the percentage of alcohol and odorant molecules contained.


Also called perfume extract, contains the most alcohol (95%) and odorous substances (20% to 30%), its smell is the most intoxicating. The eau de parfum has a higher concentration of alcohol than the eau de toilette, that is why it ensures a better holding on the skin.

Eau de parfum

It contains from 15% to 20% of essence, depending on the brand and the type of perfume. Generally very fresh!

Eau de toilette

It, is a perfume little concentrated (5 to 15%), which is worth to him a lighter trail, but also a weaker behaviour.

Eau de cologne

The eau de Cologne contains from 2% to 4% of essences, it is appreciated for its refreshing side, just like the eau de senteur which contains at most 4% of essences and little or no alcohol.

The families of perfumes

Each perfume has a particular smell that can be distinguished in 7 main families.

Thus, in a perfumery, you will be offered a citrus perfume if you are looking for a fruity scent, a floral perfume if you want a flowery fragrance, a fougère perfume if you are fond of woody notes or a spicy perfume, depending on your personality.

The chypre perfume releases chords of oak moss, the woody perfume warm notes of cedar, an amber perfume releases soft oriental fragrances. Finally, the leather fragrance is composed of dry notes of tobacco and smoke.

The art of composition or the olfactory pyramid

To speak of the notes of a perfume is to evoke the different substances that compose it. The top notes are those that we smell immediately after the perfume is dispersed in the air.

The middle notes are the essence of the perfume, those that we continue to smell several hours after the vaporization.
Finally, the base notes are the ones that evaporate the slowest and can be smelled several days after the dispersion.

And you, what type of perfume do you wear? Which family of scents do you prefer? Fresh, strong, characterful scents?
If you want me to talk about a particular perfume to add it in my selection of the best perfumes for men, contact me!

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