Matthew M. Williams has joined the House of Givenchy as creative director of the women’s and men’s collections in June 2020. The brand combines uninhibited chic with beautiful fabrics, in the image of its muses, Audrey Heyburn and Ariana Grande.

Thanks to its futuristic vision, MMW has imagined a multitude of collections ranging from ready-to-wear, to bags and shoes, not to mention a partnership with Disney, and finally the creation of its Givenchy MMW eau de parfum.

Givenchy MMW, an eau de parfum with magical woody fragrances

But Matthew M. Williams’ imagination knows no bounds. In the process, he reached the upper echelons of perfumery as a magician’s apprentice. He teamed up with renowned perfumer Olivier Cresp, a designer since 1975, to bring his project to life. This perfumery genius has a real passion for cedar, which is perfectly integrated into most of his masterpieces.

Discover the magical, woody fragrances of Givenchy MMW eau de parfum, made in France at Ateliers Givenchy.

Givenchy MMW

An eau de parfum with an atypical, authentic signature

Mission accomplished for Matthew M. Williams, Artistic Director at Givenchy, who launched his special collection in 2022 with the slogan: “perfumes with character, crafted with the utmost distinction”. In other words, Givenchy fragrances are as exceptional as the people who buy them. The same high standards are applied to perfumes as to haute couture, without distinction. MMW’s cosmopolitan Californian universe meets Parisian chic.

Matthew M. William has created an authentic, contemporary eau de parfum. Perhaps he was inspired by Native American traditions, which use Palo Santo as a fumigant to dispel negative energies? Indeed, he attributes the heart note to this sacred tree steeped in mysticism. Its smoky fragrances are part of the olfactory pyramid.

A duo of cedarwood with anti-stress virtues affirms the spiritual character of his creation. Virginia cedar or red cedar combines with all olfactory nuances in the base note. Its characteristic scent is reminiscent of the sharpened wooden pencil of our childhood. Red cedar leaves behind a strong, irresistible trail. The addition of citrus brings freshness and lightness to this special collection.

As for Atlas cedar, which can live up to 5,000 years, the Egyptians were already using it for cosmetics and perfumery. In the top note, Guatemalan cardamom adds an aniseed, camphor and woody fragrance to this original formula. Cardamom blends perfectly with fresh waters and men’s fragrances with conifer essences.

The Givenchy brand supports workers and the environment in Haiti

Did you know that natural ambergris extracted from sperm whale secretions has been replaced by ambroxan, developed by organic research for the greater good of animals? This molecule is synthesized from clary sage. Used as a base note, it prolongs the sillage by enhancing the fragrance with a velvety, sensual note. For some people, ambroxan has certain similarities with skin. In turn, Haitian vetiver anchors this modern composition. Its roots have a characteristic odor of humus and smoked wood.

In Haiti, half the world’s vetiver is harvested. To obtain one kilo of plant, 150 kg of roots are required. The brand also certifies that the raw material comes from a chain it finances in order to respect workers and the environment.

This elixir evokes a warm, rich and creamy fragrance. Without question, Haitian vetiver is on a roll, and has been used in countless men’s and women’s fragrances for a century.

Sandalwood, which forms the basis of many fragrances, has a special distinction. Its soft, powdery notes amplify the long-lasting scent of Givenchy MMW. The sober, hexagonal bottle is a lacquered black monolith topped with a metal cap. A 4G logo was designed by MMW for the Givenchy brand.

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