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Sexuality : from the industrial revolution to the sexual revolution

Welcome to my psycho and seduction section, which aims at understanding the evolution of sexuality in the last hundred years.

Did my great-grandparents fantasize about the same sexual themes as today ? I would tend to answer yes and no.

100 years, it’s not much, a few generations of women and men who also dreamed of hetero love, homosexual adventures, candaulism, mixing, sex for several, libertinage, threesomes, prostitution, SM !

All the available literature presents us with a century that is not very different from the one we know today! Adults in 1919 are attracted by “one or another” with the same appetite as in 2019!

Only the force of censorship tried to fight or at least to channel the appetites of a people plunged in the industrial revolution first and then in the years known as the Popular Front and its paid vacations.

The lack of contraception and the relationship between men and women

At the beginning of the 20th century, the French people were emerging from the Great War, which had seen millions of men die. Women worked in the fields and factories in their place.

This freedom of action, a kind of financial freedom as well, gave them an incomparable moral strength that they had not been able to conquer for a long time. This added to the arrival of male condoms and the increasingly efficient IUD offered the advantage of pleasing oneself while not getting pregnant with one’s husband or lover of the moment.

Secondly, the invention of antibiotics is a panacea for men who practice unbridled sexuality inside and outside the marital home, between men or heterosexually.

Women and men whose marriages were still arranged even in poor families had only one desire, to flee a partner with whom love only to procreate, or almost!

The Second World War was an unfortunate parenthesis for the whole of a society in the grip of the pleasures of paid vacations. Freedom of bodies exposed to the sun, to sea bathing, to country dances on the banks of the Marne. Sexual pleasure was at the tip of its… nose!

The sexual revolution towards the end of the 60s

In these post-war years, the couple redefines itself around the promotion of equality between men and women. A real divergence from the discourse of monotheistic religions!

Female sexuality benefited from the arrival of the contraceptive pill.

The year 1962 revolutionized both female and male sexuality.

In 1969, the pill and abortion become legal. Sexuality becomes a source of pleasure with almost no ulterior motives! The first swingers’ clubs open in the Parisian suburbs.

The promotion of homosexuality was accompanied by the release of films, books and songs that caused a scandal. But should female pleasure be vaginal or clitoral?

Mr. Freud advocates the vaginal pleasure and inhibits the couples and deprives the women of successful caresses and absolute orgasms. It was still necessary to free oneself completely from the diktats of a retrograde social class to find one’s pleasure by all means.

Male sexuality is also evolving

Men had not lived in a strong social repression of a sexuality outside marriage.

But in the 70s and 80s, they have to adapt to a sexuality based on the woman’s desire. Gone were the days of deciding “how, where, when” their sex would take place. Obliged to satisfy their partner, they had to please, seduce, and apply themselves during foreplay, which was previously absent.

Men learn to please women sexually. Sexuality is practised in twos or more, in swinger mode, in libertine club, for the greatest happiness of the partners.

The moral sexuality today unbridled

Since 1960 and before, the so-called moral sexuality was defined by the churches. No divorces and it was for better or for worse for centuries and centuries.

Today, men and women can satisfy their sexual needs with a partner of the same sex or not by dissociating love from sexuality.

Choosing this sexual freedom simply for pleasure is due to the accessibility of pornography and Internet dating.

But if homosexuality has always existed, the acceptance of different sexual orientations is one of the positive evolutions of our society.

Single or in couple, sexual satisfaction is essential. Two or more, as a free couple or as an open couple! It’s up to you to enjoy life.

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