In life, there are those who always want to smell good, and the others. It’s fair to say that the majority of people prefer to be in the first category. Freshening up and smelling good first thing in the morning are rituals you can’t compromise on. Eau de Cologne is undoubtedly the most appropriate product for a subtle, refined touch of freshness. Few French brands have ventured into this sometimes neglected market in recent years.

Atelier Cologne Lemon Island

What is Eau de Cologne?

In perfumery, there are three classifications: eau de cologne, eau de toilette and perfume. It’s the percentage of concentrate that gives the product its name. The purer the concentrate, the more we tend towards perfume. Of course, since eau de Cologne contains fewer odorants, the benefit is less long-lasting than with perfume.

The advantage of eau de Cologne is that you get that sensation of freshness instantly, without having to deal with the sometimes strong scent of a perfume. So it’s best to choose fragrances carefully before use. And above all, choose eau de Cologne over perfume if you prefer a diluted fragrance effect.

Atelier Cologne, a French perfume brand

The French brand Atelier Cologne markets high-quality, luxury perfumes. Their concept is 100% French production, based on natural products. It’s a noble positioning that conveys fundamental values such as made in France and respect for the planet. From the essential oils that are the raw materials for the fragrances, to the glass containers made in France, some of which are decorated with small, customizable hand-made leather elements.

Atelier Cologne is the brainchild of Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Ganter. This young Franco-Italian couple became so passionate about cologne that they wanted to develop and market their own scent. In 2009, their dream became reality, with the creation of the Atelier Cologne brand. It’s a major innovation in perfumery to blend the citrus flavors so charismatic of colognes with high-quality natural raw materials.

The best-known are Orange Sanguine, Clémentine California and Pacific Lime.

Lemon Island by Atelier Cologne, a subtle lemon fragrance

If you love the freshness of lemon and the smell of sunshine, I recommend Lemon Island eau de Cologne. The designers’ idea: to take you to paradise, via the Rodrigues Islands. It’s a unisex product, so it’s suitable for both men and women.

Released in 2021, it’s still going strong. Its scents include lemon (called the top note by perfume professionals), a subtle note of jasmine and vanilla. The fragrance is inspired by the natural beauty of the Indian Ocean, to create a sense of heavenly well-being. The designers wanted to blend the joy of sunshine with the sweetness of vanilla and the iodine of jasmine’s small white flowers.

For this eau de Cologne, 92% of the ingredients are of natural origin. The concentration is 15%, which is quite significant in the world of perfumery, and reveals a certain quality.

Travel to the Indian Ocean with Lemon Island

If you’re in the mood for a moment of escape, I encourage you to try Lemon Island fragrance. Once you’ve sprayed it, it’s like being transported into an indescribable olfactory memory. You have to experience it. Imagine yourself far from your daily routine, your worries and the stress of work, relaxing on a deckchair on the edge of a sandy beach, with the Indian Ocean as far as the eye can see. The lapping of the waves as the only soothing sound, the sun warming up and the turquoise water in direct view… It’s like drinking a glass of Mojito on vacation by the beach. It’s the scent of lime that does it.

To discover Lemon Island is to indulge in an extraordinary moment of travel that smells of vacations! So if you love citrus scents and the sun, I highly recommend it. Its fresh, aromatic scent soothes and surprises.


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