Men’s Footwear

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Where does the shoe come from and how did it evolve? I will answer your questions, but also present the different types of shoes that exist for men.

The history of the shoe

Shoes were created to protect the feet from all the aggressions they could undergo. Before, animal skins covered the feet and in warmer countries, they used palm leaves to avoid burning the feet.

In ancient times, wearing a sandal was a sign of power while the people were often barefoot. Then, in the Middle Ages, men started to be fashionable and wore poulaines. Shoes with long and pointed toes that they wore with a suit.

During the renaissance, men changed their shoes for more practical ones. The toes are wider and square, they are called bear feet or duckbill.

During the French Revolution, the boot and the pump were born. It is in the 19th century that shoes are democratized. The middle class invests in shoes. The shoes are more and more varied.

They are found for work, outings and sports. For manufacturers, who now produce them in series, offer various models at competitive prices.

New shoes are emerging, such as moccasins and lace-up shoes. But the colors remain limited with white, black and brown.

Today, we have a very wide choice of color and shape. It no longer reflects our social class. It is often a fashion and our style that makes us wear this or that shoe.

Some even wear them without socks, but wearing shoes without socks requires some precautions!

The different types of shoes for men

The Richelieu for men

To be sure to recognize a pair of men’s Richelieu shoes, you have to examine its lacing. It is said that it is closed, the guarantors are sewn under the vamp. These are very elegant shoes.

The One Cut models have no visible seams since they are made with a single piece of leather. The bib has no garant, the eyelets are positioned on a piece of leather.

The Saddle models have a leather reinforcement around the instep. It was made for sportsmen, so that the foot is better maintained.

The Balmoral models have a special cut of the upper and the guards extend to the back of the shoe.

The Derbie for men

Here again, you can recognize a pair of Derby thanks to its lacing. The guarantors are free, because the quarters are slapped on the vamp.

The Buck model is made with white nubuck or suede leather.

The hunting Derbie must be made with a Norwegian assembly and the vamp is assembled with a single piece of leather.

The half hunting Derbie must be made with a Goodyear assembly and is composed of two pieces of leather for the vamp and the quarters.

The pair of Moccasins

The moccasin is a more casual shoe. It does not have laces and is less rigid.

Generally used in moments of relaxation, they can also be made more elegant and more rigid with decorations of their own. A good shoe polish is essential to keep your leather shoes looking new for as long as possible.

Boots for men

Men’s boots are very comfortable and easy to put on. They are all high, above the ankle.

The Balmoral boot is closed with laces and made like a Richelieu. The Brodequin is a high top derby. The boot that closes with buttons is custom made.

The Chukka boot closes with laces and is made like a Derby. The Jodhpur boot, which is attached with a strap at the ankle.

The Chelsea boots that has elastic on the sides. And finally the zipper boot that closes with a zipper.

The sneakers

They are timeless and worn by a large majority of men, from the classic white sneakers through the eternal Stan Smith, the choice is wide and made for everyone to find his style of sneakers.

All these shoes for men have different decorations, perforated, with buttons … They are all stylish and classy shoes. It’s up to you to make your choice!

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