It is true that there are many more pleasing topics than one on perspiration (especially perspiration that occurs from choosing a sock-less look). But it is essential to know the right tricks to avoid sweating in your shoes, because when the weather is nice, the socks are to be put away!

When the nice weather is back, we put all our socks in the bottom of the drawer. Because to look stylish, in summer time, nothing past the top line of your shoe should be showing.

When barefoot in our shoes, we tend to perspire. So here are my top 3 unstoppable solutions to avoid sweating in your shoes :

The talc powder

This is an old trick, but still very effective. There are two ways to use it if you want to wear shoes without socks. First, directly on your foot, after cleaning and drying.

Then if your sweating is really excessive, put a little at the bottom of your shoe before putting it on: the talc will absorb any excess sweat secretion. Caution: This tip does not work on shoe fabric that talc may bleach.

red shoes paul smith

The Insole

Excessive sweating degrades your shoe insoles and the odor that they absorb is very difficult to get rid of. The right solution that does not immediately come to mind is the interchangeable insole (Bama for example.)

Attention: the insole can modify your shoe size by half, so take the time to try your shoes with the insole in place. I was wearing my Nike Air Max 97 Ultra 17 without socks, now I always use high socks or sockets (invisible socks).

The invisible socks (Sockets)

invisible socks

Ok, that’s cheating, but that’s the purpose of the invisible sock. And no, these socks are not reserved for women.

There are invisible socks for men too. To prevent them from rising to your feet, try them before buying to know your size of sockets. It is important to know which socks to wear with your shoes !

So many brands sell sockets : Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Asos… and because they are invisible, the color doesn’t matter guys ! Don’t forget to do a pinroll to your pant.

You have all the solutions, it’s up to you to play now, summer is coming back soon!

And don’t forget to clean up your shoes each time you wear them without socks.

This will avoid damaging them and above all eliminating possible microbes !