The white Adidas NMD model white with black stripes is already sold out and I absolutely understand why...

In a full fashionable sportswear look or even a casual look, both go well with sweatpants, skinny jeans or a pair of sport shorts.

A daring design mix was carried out: a subtle blend in the design that brings to mind the fashionable Yeezy Boost and Adidas Ultra Boost.

Adidas NMD white with black bands

Technical specifics

  • Boost ™ technology provides optimized energy, lightness and comfort await you.
  • Laces for footwear fitted with 3 reflective strips.
  • Embossed logo at the heel

adidas ultraboost

What type of socks you can wear with ?

No matter what you wear as socks , I suggest non-visible ones (sockets). As minimal as this detail may seem, I would not opt for visible socks in my opinion.

You also could wear high socks if you wear a short or a jogger, try and see how do you feel great !

Maintenance of your Adidas NMD

Remember to clean as often as possible, especially if you chose the white model, because with time the shoes get damaged.

The store should carry cleaning products based on the color of the shoes and even carry foam-washing products. Ask your sales associate at time of purchase!

Adidas NMD weared by Reead

The price

The observed price is about € 150 or $ 125, except at times when online retailers peak their prices due to product unavailability or very few models left in stock.

I suggest you use Google Shopping for your online search, or visit an Adidas or Foot Locker location.

Adidas NMD white and black stripes