Once unpopular, Crocs are now on the rise. Seen on the feet of the biggest stars, these clogs with maxi holes colored in ultra light resin are back on the front of the scene. Including on the catwalks of major fashion houses.

Practical and unmatched comfort, Crocs can be easily combined with your wardrobe. Want to change your look, but not your shoes? In this article, discover 5 ways to wear crocs.

1. With a jogging suit to chill out

Who says Crocs says comfort. More modern than the slipper, and especially more trendy, the Crocs clog is a must for a chill look at home.

Take this casual style to its ultimate level by pairing your Crocs with an ultra-casual outfit. For that, there’s nothing better than a best-seller from your closet: a pair of loose-fitting jogging bottoms or a tracksuit. A relaxed look is guaranteed if you pair them with a white tank top or cotton T-shirt.

The final touch? A bob, of course, to play the casual card. Simple, no-frills materials and basics that will keep you comfortable, relaxed and doing nothing, but in style.

2. With skinny jeans to show off your Crocs

Can’t get enough of your Crocs? You love their ugly shoes look as much as their inimitable color?

To highlight them, there’s nothing like betting on volume! In this case, the slim jeans are your ally: with its close fit, it will highlight the contours and unique design of your shoes. This option also works with skinny, skinny or even straight jeans. But absolutely avoid pairing them with baggy or flared jeans: it would tighten your silhouette and give a coarse side to your Crocs.

With your skinny jeans, opt for a shirt, a loose T-shirt or a sweater to structure your profile and keep a nice balance. Or have fun with a slim-fitting top that will make you look long and draw all eyes to your iconic sandals.

3. With shorts for ultra cool style

Whether you’re sporty or more of a homebody, well-cut shorts (and tailored to your leg length) are a timeless staple. In denim, canvas or cotton, they’re even an ideal piece for a more contemporary look. With an above- or below-the-knee cut, shorts are sure to highlight your Crocs.

To break the lines (and codes), don’t forget the essential detail that will do everything: the socks! High preferably, they will better define your brand.

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LeBron James himself is not mistaken: he chose to combine his yellow patterned Crocs with shorts and a classic black hoodie. A bold choice for a style both trendy and casual. The ba-BA of good taste.

crocs outfits mens

My whites crocs with my Allsaints black short

4. With a plaid overshirt for a grunge effect

Express your rebellious spirit by pairing your Crocs with a totally grungy look. For this, opt for a plaid overshirt worn over a punk band T-shirt. The whole flanked by a straight ripped jeans. Better yet, add a leather jacket, and you’ll get an amazing result.

For Crocs, you can customize them, according to your desires, thanks to charms (Crocs Jibbitz) to be fixed in the holes of your favorite sandals. Some models even offer silver metallic chains. What to refine your look until the end of the feet.

For an even more pronounced effect, go for a tousled hair. It’s a great combination of a polished look and total casualness.

5. With chino pants for a more chic look

Polo shirt or short-sleeved shirt, chino pants, a little belt and Crocs on your feet: the perfect combo to stay stylish with a totally offbeat edge. Don’t have a chino? The combination works just as well with rolled-up pants. The point? Adopt a less formal outfit, breaking the codes with your gumboots! For even more fantasy, choose a colorful Crocs model: with a colorimetry full of pep or with colorful patterns, your look will stand out from the others.

If you prefer a more chic but sober alternative, dare to go for a monochrome look by matching the color of your shoes to those of your clothes. Black, white, green or salmon: everything is possible with Crocs.

Bottom line

With their quirky and unexpected side, Crocs can be worn with everything and almost anything. Do not hesitate to combine them with your usual clothes. It will bring a touch of casualness to your style. To learn more about men’s fashion, read our other articles.

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