Flip-flops or slides for men, the dilemma is there! Which one to adopt for your urban outings? Some people think that as soon as they leave the beach, the vacations are over and the flip-flops are put back in the closet. That it is not customary to wear flip-flops outside the beach resorts. Slides have become urban like flip-flops.

Of course, you’re not allowed to drive in them, for safety reasons, but there’s nothing to stop you from wearing them in town. A real fashion piece in your wardrobe, they come in all colors, in different materials and can even be found at the greatest specialists in fashion and luxury such as Gucci, Vuitton, or even the classic and current Havaïanas flip-flops. Which one to choose? What are the differences between slides and flip-flops? I tell you everything you need to know about your favorite fashion accessory.

Slides Yeezy

My slides Yeezy, best slides ever to walk !

The flip-flop is the ancestor of our shoes

First of all, I will tell you its history. It appeared in ancient Egypt 3,500 years B.C. and was made of a papyrus sheet topped with a leather strap. The workers used it mainly to protect their feet from the heat. Then, the pharaohs adopted them. Then, the Romans will adapt them with gold soles. In India, the soles will be made of wood and straw. While in China, they will add heels in rice straw.

In the twentieth century, the wedge heel will be replaced by wooden heels, worn by courtesans. In 1962, in Copacabana, the Havaïanas brand was born. It was patented in 1966. It is our current flip-flop. Initially blue and white, it is now of all colors.

flip flip for men review

My Havaianas flip flops with the colors of the French soccer team

In Egypt, it is called chip; in Brazil, it is called Havaïanas; the Belgians call it slache and the English and us Americans call it flip flop. In Europe, its names are varied, from the flip-flop, to the barefoot, to the savate, to the sandal, to the clapper…

What are the differences between our flip-flops and our slides ?

The difference is mainly on the weight and the coverage of the foot. I advise you to use flip-flops for any occasion. As well for the beach as the city. On the other hand, the flip-flop is really adapted for the water, that is to say for the sea and the swimming pool. Its sole is thicker, which allows to go in the water. It has a sporty look and has only one strap.

The flip-flop is more versatile. Its ergonomic sole adapts to the arch of your foot, allowing for back alignment and no pain. They are very light and come in casual, design and chic styles.

It is the essential fashion accessory that can be worn with shorts, joggers or jeans. In PVC or leather, there is something for everyone and its price remains very affordable, except for the luxury category. Symbol of relaxation and vacations, we like to have them on our feet, on the beach, in town or indoors.

What comfort according to the morphology of your feet?

I advise you to determine the exact size of your feet. Either with a pedometer or simply take a sheet or two of paper. Put your heel on one edge, then draw a small line above the big toe and measure the size in centimeters. Take the larger size of both feet! It is best to do this for both feet, as we all have one foot that is stronger than the other. Once you have determined the length of your foot. You will have to refer to the size correspondences of the brand you have chosen.

Each one can vary, I do in shoes of 9.5, sneakers of 10 and flip-flops of 9 !

Then, you will have to take into account the width of your feet. According to your feet, if you have wide feet, prefer soft materials like suede and leather that form to your foot. The shape to be preferred is rather round or square. Flip-flops or sandals can fit perfectly, there are some in these two materials. Some will like the Birkenstock style !

If you have thin feet, the flip-flop will suit you better. The strap must be well adapted to your foot. For large feet, choose dark colors that will make your feet look smaller unless you don’t care! People with small feet can choose flashier colors and both flip-flops and slides are suitable.

The essentials: find the shoe that fits!

I recommend different brands depending on your style. The most famous brand and whose product is qualitative is Havaïanas. It comes in all colors and with soles more or less thick, straps ranging from fabric to leather. They are classics in the flip-flop world, and you can’t go wrong choosing them. Their casual style is rather relaxed and can be worn with shorts or jeans. They are ideal for the city in the summer, at home in any season or after sports to recover. They are light and comfortable. Their price is very accessible, count between $20 and $40 for a pair.

If you are concerned by environmental issues, I recommend the latest Slide Yeezy. These slides were designed by Kanye West. They are made of seaweed and EVA foam. Their design has become a must-have, and the colors are monochrome. Very comfortable, they are not available everywhere, but this site offers them. Their real plus is that they take care of the planet and your comfort!

Finally, the Gucci luxury models are real jewels, almost collectors, that are often worn in sock mode. Elegant and chic, they are made of high quality materials and sometimes you can see people wearing them with the style slides and socks. They come in flip-flops and sandals in a variety of models, from the most classic (black slides) to the most extravagant. There’s something for everyone, so you’ll find something to suit your taste!

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