Would you like to wear recycled Converses? To meet the challenge of climate change, it is important to review our way of consuming. Whether it’s for food or clothing, we all need to consider changing our slider.

Opting for recycled products is an opportunity. However, with such a huge offer of products, it is difficult to resist and not accumulate pairs of shoes.

But the Converses have taken a new path, nothing like the Converse Comme des Garçons model that I introduced to you recently. The emblematic brand of over-consumption has decided to commit itself to the environment and we can only rejoice!

Converse now offers a range of sneakers made from recycled materials.

The result is amazing and I really want to share this discovery with you and to walk in the footsteps of this brand that has been able to renew its image.

How are the shoes made? Why prefer them to traditional models? A quick look at the question following my purchase and test (photo below)!

Recycled Converses

My Recycled Converses double color Renew Coton, in love!

Recycled materials for a lighter footprint

It is well known that the garment industry, both for clothing textiles and footwear, is a large emitter of CO2. This represents more than 1 billion tons per year. This is appalling and represents more than many other sectors such as transport, which is wrongly believed to be more polluting.

Why is this industry so little respectful of the environment? The production chain is very poorly managed, with countries producing garments and employing underpaid people. It should also be remembered that the transport of these products is a major emitter of gas.

All this contributes to making this industry undesirable and to wanting to reduce its consumption. This is what the Converse brand has understood, and it knows how to listen to consumer demands. It therefore offers a range of Converses made from recycled materials, whether for the sole or the fabric of the boots.

To give us a better understanding of the recycling process, its site features visuals and videos that show how they are designed. From the textile or plastic fragments that are recovered to the final model, we follow every step of the manufacturing process.

Like me, you’ll be relieved to see that a great brand like Converse cares about our future and is truly committed to what will be the great challenge of tomorrow: recycling and reducing its consumption. It is by following these two axes that we will be able to limit the effects of global warming. Are you following me with my recycled Converses?

A well-groomed look for recycled Converse that keeps up with the times

If Converse wants to renew its brand image, it does so without losing its style. The models offered, whether the Taylor or the Jack Purcell, are inspired by today’s models. What changes? It’s a vision with these revisited models which for some have composite soles with colored dots.

For the uppers, they are comparable to traditional models with flashy colors such as pink, yellow, in short, plain colors that look like those of the traditional Converses, which you can wear without socks but that you will have to maintain more often.

On the other hand, if you want to display your choice for recycled, the Chuck Taylor, all star crater model is made for you. The fabric seems slightly faded and the studded sole shows that you’re sticking to the movement like many stars who are opting for these new standards of clothing.

Don’t be seduced by the sirens of novelty anymore. They are deceptive because the new shoes we offer are always made from old models anyway. Today, the novelty is really recycled.

Choosing shoes made from materials that have been given a new life is a beautiful demonstration that we can create something new from the old. Personally, I like to put on my shoes in a few seconds, but this implies a regular maintenance of your sneakers.

It starts with the shoes and can lead us to a greater control of our daily consumption. If you, like me, have the green fiber, have it for your clothes too.

We can recondition clothes, shoes and many other products rather than always trying to have something new that comes from far away. For me, recycled Converses are a positive response!

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