Make sure you look good every time you go out! And for that, your outfit must be perfectly adapted to the occasions to which you are invited in order to respect the dress code. For a flawless elegance, discover in this article 5 occasions during which wearing a tie is essential!

when to wear a tie

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1. For a job interview, wearing a tie is a must

Depending on the type of position you are applying for, the job interview will be your first contact with your future employer. Your attire says a lot more about you than your resume! It is therefore important to take care of your outfit and to choose the right accessories.

To ensure that you are subtly in line with the image of the company you are applying to, before you go to the interview, browse its website. Try to spot the most dominant tie color in the company’s team photos. This will give you an idea of the type of tie you can wear to the job interview.

And, of course, always match the tone of your tie to your suit! Finally, for a job interview, I advise you to wear ties without patterns, perfectly plain and well-made. Then choose a wrinkle-free fabric to keep your outfit impeccable.

2. At a wedding, a tie is a must too!

When you are invited to a wedding, or if you are the lucky groom, the tie is a must-have accessory! Depending on the season in which the ceremony takes place, you can choose a tie color in harmony with the weather.

For example, if the wedding is in the spring or summer season, then go for it! Go for a tie in pastel tones, sky blue, and, why not, pink! In this case, your suit should be light in color, for example, in shades of beige or cream. Always make sure to avoid a big shift in color palette between your accessories and your shoes!

If the wedding takes place in the fall, and more rarely in the winter, in this case, you can choose ties in brown or even dark beige tones. Indeed, if you are invited to a wedding, the ideal is to absolutely avoid wearing a suit that is too dark such as black or midnight blue.

3. In the office, the tie is a sign of professional respect

In the office, wearing a tie is highly recommended. It is an age-old dress code that simply shows respect to colleagues, but also to clients. Of course, this obligation is adapted to your type of position. Indeed, there are professional functions that do not specifically require wearing a tie.

For a perfect look at work, the tie must be neat! The ideal is to choose a tie made of viscose, a fabric that does not wrinkle. Also, choose a tie with a lower point that reaches impeccably to the level of your belt. I advise you to avoid a tie that is too long, that goes down to the level of the fly. Also, a tie that is too short and reaches above the navel is to be avoided!

In addition, there is a very simple rule to follow in the professional world: when you are sitting down, you can unbutton your jacket. This leaves the tie free. The code in the professional world is to always keep your tie straight and flat on your shirt. To do this, you can use a small, discreet barrette to keep the accessory attached to your shirt. And, when you are standing, the professional code involves buttoning your jacket with your tie tucked inside it.

4. Wearing a tie in a restaurant is good manners

There are many occasions when you may find yourself in a restaurant! Whether it’s with friends, as a couple, with family, or for a business lunch.

Depending on the type of restaurant where you want to have a good time, wearing a tie is a must. For a business meeting, wear your tie with a special clip to keep it off the table. During your lunch with colleagues or clients, you can perfectly remove your jacket.

With friends or family, if you want to have lunch or dinner in a gourmet restaurant, it is proper to wear a tie. Indeed, the dress code is part of the world of great restaurants. It is therefore good manners to respect them.

5. At an award or graduation ceremony, go for the tie!

If you are going to an award or graduation ceremony, don’t forget your tie! This is usually a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

In this case, wear a plain, sober tie. Depending on the temperature and the warmth of the room, you may want to skip the jacket and wear only a white or light blue shirt to celebrate your graduation. Indeed, this type of ceremony being less formal than the corporate world, the jacket remains optional.

On the other hand, if you are attending, for example, a conference with an audience of young people or students, you can very well wear a tie with a short-sleeved shirt, over more casual pants: jeans or light-colored canvas pants.

Bottom line

Always keep in mind that your tie must take some color codes of your shoes. Because, a nice harmony between the colors of your accessories can give you a look both sophisticated and particularly remarkable!

Every event in life requires a strict dress code. Wearing a tie is almost essential in the professional world, as well as in public places of good presentation. However, your overall look and silhouette remain elegant, provided that you are comfortable wearing a tie! So choose this essential accessory with simplicity and, preferably, of good quality!

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