Feel free to file this under “things we shouldn’t need to be repeating ad nauseam,” but here I am again stating it: Men! For the love, please put down the white socks.”

A notion that any fashion-conscious male will hopefully side correctly on, this is a topic that still inspires lively debate. After reading this article, however, I hope to instill in you an inherent understanding of just how grave a fashion faux pas wearing white socks is. Ready?

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No, White Socks don’t match that…

I’m going to confidently assert that I know something about you, dear reader, even though I don’t know you. And that is: you do not wear—nor own—white pants.  Am I right? Well, unless you are living in Miami in the 80s, yes, of course I am not. Outside of Halloween and theme parties there is no need to be wearing white pants or shorts. None.

It is incontrovertible then, that you should ever be wearing white socks. (Yes, even with white shoes.)

Something else I know about you: you, like most of your male counterparts, probably, mostly, almost always wear one of three pant styles: jeans, khakis, or confortable joggers. And ain’t none of those come in white.

An important tip about sock matching, for those readers in the back who may be unaware, is that one always should match the sock to the pant and the shoe. We’re going for epic seamless style here, folks, and there is nothing seamless about a giant white contrast in between two darker colors.

Dirt is dirty

If there’s one thing that’s worse than wearing white socks, it’s wearing white socks that are dirty, dingy, or yellowed. These days, many people ask that you kindly remove your footwear upon entering their home. And please believe me when I say that, yes, they are noticing those brownish toes and heels and by default, judging your life choices.  (And yes, you can do better than this.)

When you think about the time that you invest getting ready to go out, only to have all that effort wasted because people are instead focused on your dirty socks, well…you see our point.

For just a tiny bit more planning on your part, you can avoid this embarrassing situation altogether. Trust us, it doesn’t have to be this hard; and eliminating all those white socks from your drawers entirely will prevent this kind of snafu from ever befalling you again.

white socks review

Unless you’re gym-bound, it’s time to man up

The one—ONE—place white socks are to be permitted it’s at the gym. Most of your clothes have their appropriate time and place to be worn, and white socks are no exception to this. Think about the ridiculousness of wearing gym shorts to a rooftop bar on a summer night out, and you get the point. And since you are here on out agreeing to leave those white socks behind, stack your wardrobe with an assortment of black, gray, and dark blue socks instead. White socks must stay in their lane, and their lane is athletics only. Clear?

My last point is more of an existential one. And that has to do with bettering yourself as a person. I already know that because you are reading this article (and making it down to the final point) that you care about what you look like. As you well should. And that’s because ‘look good, feel good’ is definitely a thing. Taking pride in your appearance will convey an inner confidence to the world that you care enough about yourself to try.

Just as you take steps to level up your life in other areas—like work, relationships, and personal pursuits—dressing yourself well should be included. You’d be surprised at what a strong sock game can say about a man. It shows an attention-to-detail that suggests you are in the know, and that other people should know you.

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