To have a complete wardrobe, a man must have a certain type of different shoes. Why? Because they will be essential to complete your outfits.

In this post, I will focus on four pairs of men’s shoes, for me, my essential to have style and class.


This is the pair of shoes that should not be absent from your dressing room. With this type of leather shoes for men, you can’t go wrong. Get them in black or brown so you can easily pair them with jeans or a suit or your choice.

You’re sure to look classy for a date or a meeting. Derbies should be in your wardrobe and are a must-have to accompany you with a classy style. Many models are available, very original models, but also more classic. I advise you to dare the original to stand out, but it’s up to you.

With the Derbies, you take out your elegance card in everyday life. City shoes in perforated leather or smooth leather to wear in all circumstances. They are generally shoes made with first quality leather.

Derbies Shoes

Derbies shoes SELIO COGNAC of the brand San Marina

White sneakers

They are not only sneakers that you can wear to play sports. That would be a mistake! Worn with jeans or even a suit, white sneakers are the most beautiful effect, for a stylish and comfortable look.

But be careful to keep them clean. Otherwise, you’ll look more sloppy than classy. Don’t hesitate to put them in the washing machine and to clean the laces if the model allows it. But I suggest you buy a spray and scrub with a cloth and a toothbrush. You will be more sure not to damage them.

For example, Stan Smith are very affordable and come in full white. Saint Laurent white sneakers are not at the same price but you can find them on luxury product resale sites sometimes at 70% off.

If you have a tight budget, there are cheaper ones. It is essential that you feel comfortable in your sneakers. You will be able to use them often, because they can be worn with everything.

White leather sneakers by Saint Laurent

White leather sneakers by Saint Laurent

The Richelieu One Cut (or Oxford in English)

Most of the time, it is the first pair of shoes that we offer ourselves to attend a wedding. It remains a formal shoe, but chic.

You will not make any mistake in taste: worn with a suit, you will certainly evolve with class, but simply worn with jeans and a shirt will be just as good. You can choose different colors.

The shape of your shoes can be straight or square toe. I still recommend the One Cut Richelieu in black if it is your first purchase. As you have understood, there is a great diversity, even for those who already have some. You can play with colors, shapes or even with Nubucks.

Richelieu shoes must always be perfectly waxed. They must be maintained to remain classy and chic in all circumstances.

Paul Smith 'Carlisle' Men's Black Suede Oxford Shoes

Paul Smith ‘Carlisle’ Men’s Black Suede Oxford Shoes

Chelsea Boots

The chic shoes essential to pass the winter. If they are not waterproof, you must waterproof them at all costs to avoid damaging them. Chelsea Boots are the most stylish men’s shoes in my opinion.

They can be worn with any outfit and are really stylish. Available in a wide variety of choices, they are timeless and always in style.

Chelsea Boots can be leather or Suede material, and for the color, I’ll let you choose, as long as you stay in your style and well in your shoes

You will not wear the same type of Chelsea Boots if you wear a suit or jeans. It’s up to you to see what you’ll use them for. These are shoes that won’t break the bank so don’t hesitate to treat yourself, you can find them from 35$ in some stores.

As you may have understood, you don’t need to have thirty pairs of shoes to be chic. The four essential pairs that I have just presented to you will ensure a chic and comfortable style.

These are shoes that should be in your closet, always polished or cleaned to be worn at any time. They come in many styles and can fit to any style. It’s up to you now!

Chelsea boost for men of the brand Allsaints

Chelsea boost for men of the brand Allsaints

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