Fashion can be difficult to follow. Not only does it change with the season, but it can also change year after year. Sometimes, trends will resurface after 10, 20, or 30 years, but who actually keeps all of those trendy pieces in their wardrobe that long?

Despite the cyclical trends in fashion, certain staples always stay current, including these X classic staples.

@Classic Fashion Staples for men to Consider to have

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1. A Trench Coat With a Belt

Since the invention of the trench coat in 1879, it’s become a luxury staple in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Initially worn by Army officer’s as a raincoat, they became fashionable in the 1920s and have stayed ever since. A men’s Burberry trench coat can be styled formally or casually and is both comfortable and timeless. Buy one in beige, black, or brown for versatility.

2. The Blazer: Grey, Black, or Navy Blue

A blazer combines the classic look of a suit with the comfort of a cardigan. Since its inclusion as a fashion staple in the 20th century, a blazer can make anyone look dressed up with little effort. Even if you have a graphic t-shirt or an undershirt underneath a blazer, you’ll still look classy. Find a blazer with an interesting texture, like wool-silk or cotton, for an extra stylish feel.

3. A Tailored Suit in Black or Blue

A properly tailored and fitted suit can make any man look and feel like a million bucks. Navy blue is typically the most flattering color, but fashion experts say you should match the shade to your hair color. Dark hair should opt for a dark blue, while lighter hair should try a lighter suit. Wool suits are made to last and can be worn for all seasons with a knee-length coat.

4. Collared Shirt: Pale Blue and White

Whether you want to add an Oxford pale blue shirt to your suit or just want to inject a little class into your outfit with a white collared button-up, both are necessary for your wardrobe. Collared shirts have many uses and can be worn formally with a tie or casually with the first two top buttons open. Whatever you choose, you’ll look crisp and classy with little effort.

5. T-Shirts in Black, White, and Blue

Our picks so far have leaned more toward formal, but a t-shirt is the ultimate casual pick that can pair with almost anything and can be used for most occasions. The white tee is a safe fashion bet, while a black shirt will hide most imperfections. Navy shirts can be equally as important in any wardrobe because they pair best with light jeans or pants.

6. A Pair of Black and White Jeans

The type of jeans you purchase will depend on your body type, but most men can get away with slim fit or straight cut. When dressing down, a pair of jeans will look great with a pair of running shoes. Black jeans are easy to pull off and are almost impossible to get dirty, so only wear white jeans if you’re brave enough. Don’t be intimidated by the white pant; just stay out of puddles!

7. Khakis or Chinos

Whether you prefer the ankle cut of the chino or the full length of khakis, both pants are the fashion in-between. Both can look great as a formal outfit with a collared shirt or with a t-shirt and running shoes as long as they cut doesn’t fall too close to the ground. It’s something most men don’t have to think about because they’re comfortable and always in fashion.

8. Brown or Black Oxford Shoes

The round toe Oxford should be a staple in most men’s wardrobes immediately. Oxfords are like the khakis for the feet because they look good with everything and don’t necessarily make any outfit too dressy unless you want it to be. As a rule, brown Oxfords should only be worn for daywear, whereas black Oxfords work well with tuxedos, suits, office work, or casual.

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