This will undoubtedly be the most beautiful day of your life. All the preparations are underway and you are faced with a monumental problem: how to choose your wedding suit? It’s time to think about it, because it will take you some time. Ready to be the most beautiful bride and groom? I’ll give you my 10 tips to choose the perfect suit for your wedding guys.

1. Anticipate !

First of all, don’t neglect the following advice: be prepared. Even if it’s not your style, you’ll have to change your habits. Count on an average of 6 months to find the perfect suit.

This will allow you to choose in all zenitude and without stress. It will also allow you to “adjust” your line (diet in mind).

Your wedding suit is not the suit you wear to work. It is a bit (a lot!) of a formal suit. So it can’t be chosen any old way and must be just right. So you will undoubtedly hesitate and change your mind. This trial and error is normal, but it is time consuming.

tips for choosing your wedding suit

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2. The basics: choose your suit according to your morphology

It is obvious, but we must admit it, we do not always think about this damn morphology! And yet, it is the basis of any successful choice. So I’ll give you the main lines so that you can make a first efficient selection.

If you are small, the slim cut is to be preferred. You do not have curves? Very well, adopt slim pants and a fitted jacket (it will not go down under the buttocks). Thin vertical stripes will lengthen your silhouette if you have extra pounds.

If you are tall, the long and slim jacket will be your best friend, as well as the double-breasted suit which will break your verticality. Forget the vertical stripes. A little plump? Go for the three-piece suit and forget about horizontal stripes.

You are of average height? You’re lucky, everything fits! But if you want to be on the cutting edge of chic, the two-button jacket is perfect.

You are very muscular? The slim fit is the way to go. The pants will have a straight cut and the jacket will be long enough and ideally with 2 buttons.

3. One theme, one suit

Before you even think about buying your suit, you should check one thing: will your choice fit the theme of the ceremony? You won’t be able to put on a very chic three-piece suit if your theme is country. It will look weird and, to put it simply, it will look like you’ve got the wrong ceremony!

So remember to check that your suit fits in with the chosen theme and also remember to ask for the style of dress that your sweetheart has chosen. Don’t ask for too many details, of course (at the risk of having the girl categorically refuse to tell you more). But having an idea of the style (vintage, chic, traditional…) will give you an idea of what you can choose to be in harmony with her. She can send a picture of her dress to your tailor, for example.

This information is also useful to determine the color of your suit.

4. The suit: the material

To be perfect, the suit must have an ideal cut, but also an impeccable material. In general, the groom’s suit is made of wool. This is the solution to not complicate your life, although if you look closer, you will have the choice between different titers. Depending on this one, the material can be very elegant or more raw. You can go for flannel if your theme is retro. For a sober and chic theme (like gentleman-farmer), you can adopt tweed.

tips for choosing your wedding suit

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5. Get the right size!

Yes, I know, what we see in the mirror can be quite far from reality! We are all the same. Too big or too small, your costume will not fit you. You will be uncomfortable and I must confess ridiculous.

To be sure not to make a mistake, take a look at the advice concerning the morphology that I have just given you. You will also have to take into account 4 crucial criteria. The first one is the size of the jacket. For it to fit you, the seam of the shoulder pads must match perfectly with the break of your shoulders. Second point: the length. Ideally, the jacket should reach mid-buttocks.

Another important criterion: the collar and lapels. No room for improvisation. The collar must be perfectly flat against your neck. The lapels, as for them, will depend on your morphology (we come back to it!). If you are small, do not wear too wide lapels. They will make you smaller!

Last criterion: your pants. This one must be adjusted, but especially not tight.

I will add a detail that is important to be elegant. Once your jacket is closed, it should not wrinkle (it is then too small). Also, it should not be too far from your sides.

6. Made to measure or ready to wear?

This question is bound to come up at some point. Even though your budget will have something to say about it. The cheapest is without a doubt the ready-to-wear. But in the end, the difference may not be as great as expected. If you choose a “low-end” brand, you will pay little, but the quality will not necessarily be there. In addition, you will have to think about alterations that will increase the cost.

Custom-made suits are more expensive, but you are guaranteed to have a suit that fits you. However, don’t have your suit tailored too far in advance if you tend to yo-yo on the scale!

7. The quality

There is one thing you should not neglect: the quality of the product. Don’t do anything foolish. If you choose a low-quality model, it will be obvious (and you will look ridiculous!). No doubt about it, you should choose a quality material. Also remember to look at the finishing touches, which should be impeccable.

tips for choosing your wedding suit

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8. Colors and accessories

You have your costume, you have done everything right. But now, you’ll have to find the right accessories, and again, this can’t be improvised!

First of all, you’ll have to match your accessories to the color of your costume. Let me tell you more.

You have a navy blue suit (a sure value in the field)? Your shirt can ideally be in twill or white poplin that harmonize very well with this color. Your tie (or bow tie) can support a more original color (not garish!).

In the case of a light gray suit, it will go very well with noble materials. For the colors to adopt to highlight your suit, prefer very light shades (pink, purple, white). If you have chosen a darker gray (anthracite), why not adopt red?

If you have chosen a chocolate suit, orange or anise green accessories are a good idea, provided you use them in small touches.

9. Change your habits!

If you wear a suit on a daily basis, don’t make your life easier by taking a wedding suit similar to the ones you usually wear to work (or even worse: use a work suit!). I remind you that this is a special day, your suit should be special. Change the cut, vary the colors, adopt small details that will make the difference: the color of the lining, an under collar, a fine embroidery on your collar…

10. The day of the white !

If you have chosen a white suit, the ultimate advice: don’t take just any white! It must be in perfect harmony with the white of the bride’s dress. The best thing to do is to ask your darling to provide you with a small sample of her fabric. It is also useful to match the white of your shirt with the white of her dress. These are details for you, but for a beautiful visual effect of the couple, it has great importance.

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