Menswear has been tied to masculinity since ancient times, but clothing that’s considered masculine has changed over the past few years. Whereas flowers and floral prints have been associated with womenswear, many bold men would say otherwise. If you’re ready to embrace the colors pink and yellow, the floral print can add a lot of personality to your wardrobe.

Wearing Floral Prints for Men

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Dress Based on the Season: Spring Floral Fashion

Florals and Spring go hand-in-hand, so take advantage of the season by purchasing florals. If you’re cool with wearing last year’s fashions, wait until the Summer to buy floral prints at a slashed price. However, if you live in California and want blooms that are a bit more fresh, order online for flower delivery in San Francisco as a present for your loved ones or for yourself.

Start Small Then Get Bolder With Time

Florals have a widespread appeal that goes beyond the Hawaiian shirt, but if you’re new to the print, you’ll want to start small. Most modern menswear consists of neutrals like white, black, and navy blue, which pair well with patterned clothing. You should already have black jeans or a fitted suit, so add a floral tie to a neutral suit or a floral button-up with dark pants to start.

9 Ways to Add Floral Prints to Your Wardrobe

There are bold and subtle ways to add florals to your wardrobe. These 9 suggestions can help you explore the print and find ways to match it with the rest of your clothing.

1. Floral T-Shirt: Neutrals on Neutrals

Jump in headfirst by purchasing a floral t-shirt. While floral tees aren’t subtle, a navy blue t-shirt with a mono-colored floral print won’t put you way out of your comfort zone. Opt for a shirt with subtle embellishments with a pattern-less breast pocket or with 2-3 buttons around the neck. Balance the lookout with denim or black jeans, a leather jacket, and black running shoes.

2. Floral T-Shirt: Neutrals on Color

Go bolder by finding a shirt with colored florals on a navy blue, black, or white shirt. You should have a bit of confidence to tackle this, and you’ll need to tone down the colors everywhere else. Wear black or navy pants, shoes, and jackets to avoid looking too loud. If you live in California or another city or state with a hot climate, you’ll see more men wearing this style.

3. Floral Swim Shorts: Neutrals on Color/Neutrals

With swimwear, men are given the go-ahead to have more fun. Swim trunks are often found with Hawaiian floral prints or bright neon colors, so you’ll fit right in at any beach resort. If you’re walking around the beachfront, wear sandals and a light-colored polo shirt without a design. If you’re bringing a backpack to the beach, make sure it’s black and not overpowering.

4. Floral Accessories: Either Bold or Subtle

Floral prints on ties, bow-ties, pocket squares, and socks are subtle and easy to add to most suits as long as the suit isn’t also patterned and they aren’t all used together. If you’re going to add a patterned accessory, choose one or pair two in different locations, i.e., socks and ties. Floral bucket hats and snapbacks look good with t-shirts, sweatpants, or other casual wear.

5. Floral Shoes: Pairs With Most Neutral Jeans

While floral prints aren’t meant for daily wear, floral sneakers won’t be out of place depending on what else you’re wearing. Even in the Summer, floral shoes look good with black pants and a navy button-down. You can get away with bolder prints, as most people won’t be looking at your shoes close-up, but boots, slip-on, and formal shoes look best with a black base.

6. Floral Button-Up: Go Big or Go Home

The Hawaiian shirt made its way back into men’s fashion a few years ago, but it isn’t just worn by old men any more. The boxy, formless straight-down shirt from the past is gone and replaced with the traditional button-up, but with modern floral prints. What you choose is based on your preferences. Whether you prefer loud colors or neutrals, you can find a button-up that fits your style. Floral button-ups can be worn open with a shirt and black jeans or closed with chinos.

7. Floral Dress Shirt: Bright Shirts on Dark Suits

Before committing to the whole floral suit, start with a dress shirt that blends into formal wear. A white dress shirt with small, blue flowers is subtle, but you can buy a blue shirt with yellow flowers if you intend to keep your suit jacket closed or you’re feeling confident. Patterns that match the color of the shirt are muted, as you won’t see the pattern pop out as much.

8. Floral Suit: Suit Jacket, or the Full 2-Piece

Suits don’t need to be boring anymore. Instead of wearing a traditional black or navy suit, men are starting to add khaki and olive suit jackets to formal wear, along with interesting shapes and designs. There’s no hiding your interest in florals when wearing a full 2-piece suit, so wear it with pride. Start with a green palm leaf suit, then work your way up to reds, yellows, and blues.

9. Floral Pants: Modern and Not Subtle

Floral pants are seen as more formal and not always suited for casual wear, but you can dress patterned pants down by wearing a white tee and sneakers. To keep it formal, wear a plain white button-up for bright colors and white, or a black dress shirt for darker pants. Sweatpants often come in bolder prints, and they’re the perfect way to get used to this style.


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