The crop top is a piece of wardrobe that is also called short top. As its name suggests, it is a garment a little shorter than a simple classic top. Often cut a few centimeters above the navel, it easily shows this part of the body of the person who wears it.

A modern piece, it adds a little spice to any look. It can be worn with jeans, shorts or high-waisted pants. Instead of buying it, why not make a DIY crop top at home?

how to make a crop top for men

Model : Ryder Rouse

The material

The crop top already existed in the 80s and 90s. It has come back in fashion nowadays. At first, it was worn only by women, but now it is also found in the male wardrobe. To make the crop top, you should obviously have the necessary material on hand.

Mainly, I use a pair of scissors, then a T-shirt that I no longer use and to which I want to give a new life. You can also use a new custom printed t-shirt that you bought especially for the occasion. A tape measure and fabric chalk could be a big help too, followed by a paper to make the pattern. You can also use one of your crop tops as a template.

The choice of the length

In general, the length of a crop top is a few inches above the navel, just enough to let it show. However, this is no longer an absolute rule. Nowadays, it is possible to have one that is not so short, which would delight those who would like to wear it without having the navel visible.

To help you choose the length of your crop top, I would advise you to do it according to your desires of the moment and also according to your feelings. If you feel comfortable with your belly button exposed, then a short cut is the way to go.

If you are not comfortable with it, then a short cut just below the belly button is the way to go. A length arriving just at the level of the navel can also be done. The morphology also comes into play.

The cutting of the tee

Once all the materials are gathered and the length defined, we can proceed to the cutting. For a clean and easy cutting, I would recommend you to do it on a stable and not cluttered work surface. Whether on a table or on the floor, the important thing is that you are comfortable and free in your movements.

Make the pattern

With the paper, you will trace and cut the necessary measurements and the shape of the crop top. If you are used to using a pattern for your creations, then it will be a breeze. If not, don’t worry! It’s not that complicated. You will have to draw the outline of your future crop top on the paper, following each step carefully. First, the front outline, then the back outline and the collar outline.

Note the values of each outline that you will add to your pattern. I would advise you to take about 1 cm for each side and 1,5 cm for the possible hems. Now you can cut out your pattern.

Cutting on tee-shirt

Once you have obtained your pattern with the measurements you want, all you have to do is copy them onto your T-shirt. Then proceed to the tracing of the parts to be cut out. Once the tracing is done, you just have to take the scissors and cut according to the delimitations. Do not forget the extra centimeters you have reserved for the hems. To make it easier, you can use an old crop.

However, if the garment has a design or pattern, avoid cutting at this level to keep the style of the shirt and for a good final result. Also, it is not worth cutting at this level. Make sure you always cut evenly or you can let your imagination work and create asymmetrical pieces. Feel free to create a unique DIY crop top of your own.

Where to wear it?

The crop top can be worn on any occasion with a little imagination and with the appropriate outfits. Rather a piece for the summer, it will make a good ensemble with a pair of jean shorts. Made with a light material, it is an essential piece to put in the suitcase for the vacations.

Not only in summer, it can also be worn in winter by layering with other clothes. Thanks to this technique, you will not have to show your belly button, and you avoid at the same time the freezing cold of this period of the year. Choose a thick, warm fabric to stay warm.

For sports, whether long or short sleeve, it will go well with shorts, jogging suits or leggings. You will also be comfortable in a crop top a little wide for a little urban dance session.

Even in the evening, you can wear a crop top. On a daily basis, for a special occasion, whatever the place and the occasion, you can wear a crop top. You will just have to know how to play with the pieces with which you will associate it as well as the material with which the garment is made. If you want a unique and special Crop Top, you can use Rarecustom to make it more personal with the text of the design you want !

Can a guy wear a crop top at the gym ?

Absolutely! There’s no strict rule on what individuals can wear at the gym, and clothing choices often depend on personal comfort and confidence. If a guy feels comfortable and confident wearing a crop top at the gym, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t. It’s essential to prioritize comfort and functionality in workout attire. As long as the gym’s dress code allows for it, and the person feels good in what they’re wearing, they should go for it!

men crop top gym from Gymshark

Photo (c) : Gymshark

Bottom line

As a conclusion, a crop top has become a wardrobe staple for women and men alike. Can be worn for any occasion, with a little imagination, it will make your outfit unique and stylish. Affirm your style and personality through this trendy piece.

Find the one that will make you stand out in accordance with your body type to further enhance your look. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a full-body look. For more satisfaction, make your own crop tops, and be totally comfortable in your outfits.

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