How to choose shorts for men according to our morphology

Mens denim very shorts length

However, you are asking questions about the short to choose in relation to your body, your morphology, your personality too, in order to feel better in, we need to know how to choose shorts for men according to our morphology !

Zoom on this item of clothing that has become indispensable and how it should be chosen according to its personality.

The history of shorts

The first name of this iconic garment is the short pants. It appeared somewhere in the middle of the 19th century to facilitate outdoor sports, such as tennis. However, the British Army has adopted for its troops stationed in the tropics, to allow the soldiers to better withstand the intense heat and humidity that sweat the slightest movement. Little by little, he became unavoidable.

After the First World War and certainly influenced by the parking of British and American troops in France, the French began to call it short, now widespread Anglicism.

It is definitely in the 30s of the popular class, especially after the introduction of paid holidays, synonyms of beach holidays.

Its practical and comfortable side is adopted by all age groups, both women and men

With the release of manners in the early 60s, no one is forbidden to wear short, even very short, to reveal the legs and thighs. It is not uncommon today to see its purified declination around micro short during summer periods.

What are the different types of men’s shorts?

There are several models of shorts for men, like the beach swim to go to the beach and designed for more lightness.

There is also the maxi-short found in some sports like basketball, or mini-shorts for those who prefer the relaxation and comfort of a sunny day. For home relaxation, there are fleece shorts or denim shorts.

men's short

short homme en jean

Men's denim short mid-length

At the level of the material used, you will find on the market shorts in cotton, linen or silk.

How to choose the right shot when you are a man?

The choice of the short film often compared to his own personality. The modest or discreet people will opt for the maxi-shorts, longer while remaining comfortable.

Safer men to them or more muscular can choose shorts as well as shorts to show their elegance their musculature.

men's chino short

Men's chino shorts, straight cut

short homme long en jean

Denim shorts, long cut

This type of short is generally very popular with athletes. For those who love water sports, swim shorts will be the ideal accessory to be comfortable in case of splashing.

Finally, in terms of the material used, the choice of silk or fabric will be appreciated by distinguished and refined men, in search of maximum comfort and softness.

What is the difference between a short and a Bermuda shorts?

We generally recognize a Bermuda of a short by its longer length. Its more solemn side and the presence of pockets on the front of the thighs.

The bottom of Bermuda usually reaches the top of the knees. The short is shorter, more casual, with the bottom of the short usually coming in just below the buttocks, even for the man’s shorts.

The short is used frequently for sports and play activities, and Bermuda shorts are used for outings or to relax. It is not uncommon to find men in summer Bermuda at work, which is rarely the case with the short.

Now you ready to choose shorts for men and if you legs are to skinny to wear a short, it’s time to workout your legs guys !


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