They are irresistible with their nonchalant seducer look, their three-day beard and their rebellious side. The bad boys embody the bad boy you dream of being at least once in your life? But no matter how hard you try, your look may be more reminiscent of the ideal son-in-law?

Don’t despair! There are a few quick and easy tips on how to look like Alexander Ludwig or Charlie Hunnam, the stars of Vikings or Sons of Anarchy. How to dress like a bad boy? We tell you everything!

How To Dress Like A Bad Boy

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Rule number 1: Choose baggy jeans

Fashionable in the 1990s, they are making a comeback. Baggy jeans are perfect for a bad boy look. Extra wide, falling on the hips, misshapen, they would make any first grader look like a bad boy!

I recommend them faded, with holes or slashed: the more worn out they look, the better! You’ll look like you just got out of jail and have nothing to wear, you say? That’s the point! The fashion was apparently started by Americans coming out of prison who didn’t have a belt to hold back their baggy pants, thus revealing their underwear.

The simple fact of wearing a baggy will give you confidence. Depending on your size and body type, you can also opt for boyfriend jeans, in the same spirit as the baggy, but not as wide.

Rule number 2: Opt for the right sweater

Choose it deformed, faded and preferably with a zip. The bad boy sweater is neither well cut nor flashy. We recommend a gray or brown sweater, with no brand names or logos. The goal is to bring out your dark and mysterious side, not to look like a fashion victim! You can opt for a black leather jacket perfecto style, as if you were ready to run away to the end of the world on your Harley!

Slip on a faded denim jacket underneath and you’ll be irresistible. Adding layers of clothes is original and gives a little traveler side without suitcase. Sexy, did you say sexy?

Rule number 3: Don’t go out without your hat

You’re a bad boy: claim it loud and clear! No bad boy without a hat. Summer or winter, morning or evening, indoors or outdoors, it’s a must-have to turn you into a romantic vagabond. With this clothing detail, you stand out by revealing to others a seducer who ignores himself.

We suggest a sober colored woolen cap. Take the time to test the material. Exit the little boy hat that scratches the head! As for the models, we recommend two. The docker model that perfectly fits the shape of the head and that can be turned over on the edge gives the air of a fake villain. The long or oversize model, also called beanie, is also very trendy. Its elongated shape does not flatten the hair. If you have the opportunity, let some rebellious strands escape. It’s guaranteed to make a splash!

Rule number 4: Be bad boy from head to toe

Shoes are not to be neglected if you want to be taken seriously. Choosing the wrong model can ruin your sartorial efforts! To transform yourself into a bad boy, we don’t recommend classic low top shoes, such as derbies or Richelieu shoes. Go for combat boots. These thick boots combine casualness and elegance.

You can also opt for Broque boots. These trendy shoes were originally worn in the wilds of Scotland. Today they are mostly used in the city. Both manly and romantic with their thick, punched leather, Broque boots will perfectly match your bad boy look.

Rule number 5: Don’t neglect the accessories

A sober leather belt, big silver rings, a watch, bracelets made of rush or fabric, a discreet earring, etc. It’s all in the details! They will definitely establish your reputation as a bad boy. As a good nonchalant seducer, you will spray some wild and virile notes of a fragrance of your choice. And last, but not least: tattoos and middle finger are a must if you want to be respected! Manly tattoos give a little bad boy side.

Opt for Japanese type patterns or big roses. It is necessary at all costs to avoid falling into excess or vulgarity. At the bottom of every bad boy, sleeps a dandy. The trick is to find the perfect balance between apparent casualness and natural class.

Rule number 6: Don’t have rules

In short, what characterizes a bad boy is his free and insolent side. The goal is for your rebellious attitude to stand out in the blink of an eye. Your personality is your major asset. Unleash your inner wildcat! Put a baggy and a beanie on an ideal son-in-law, he will always look like the ideal son-in-law if he keeps his smooth and polished side. Even if the outfit is an essential preamble, the bad boy look is not only a story of clothes.

We recommend a few little exercises to help you achieve your goals. Play Mick Jagger concerts or Sons of Anarchy episodes over and over. Repeat to yourself 10 times every morning: I’m a bad boy while training your dark look. And above all, stop smiling! The trick is to believe it!

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