I love wearing black suits. There’s just something about them that gives off an aura of seriousness and sophistication instead of the typical white dress shirt and black tie combination.

The problem is, no one tends to wear them anymore. And those who do usually don’t know how to pull it off. But with a bit of know-how, you can truly make the classic black suit work for you.

You don’t have to wear the typical matching suit. You can always use separates (like I’ve done here) or mix your shirt and tie colors. The real key is knowing how to pull off what you’re wearing.

So, in an attempt to give you some tips on successfully rocking the classic black suit, here are ten of my most important ones on how to wear a black suit.

Pulling Off a Classic Black Suit

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1. Make sure your suit is tailored

Too many guys wear ill-fitting suits and think they look good in them. If you’re going to wear a classic black suit, then you have to have it tailored. Period! The difference between a custom-fitted and off-the-rack suit is like the difference between an iPhone and a brick – one’s meant for convenience while the other’s meant for good times.

2. Make sure your shirt is white

Similarly, there are a lot of guys out there who wear black shirts and think it looks good. Here’s a big newsflash for you: it doesn’t. The whole point of wearing a black suit is so that the other two pieces you wear with it don’t crash, and if your shirt clashes with your suit, then what’s the point? A white shirt is a perfect way to ensure that your suit gets the attention it deserves.

3. Make sure you’re wearing a tie

Most guys who wear classic black suits don’t do so with ties, which is plain wrong—black suit + white shirt + no tie = not a good look. You can rock suspenders if you want or opt for a bow tie, but there’s no way around it: you have to wear a tie with this outfit.

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4. Make sure your pocket square isn’t white

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you can only wear white with light colors and black with dark colors. But if you look closely at pictures of famous guys like Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, or James Bond, you’ll notice that they wore classic black suits with white pocket squares. And that look is classic for a reason – it’s sharp as hell!

5. Make sure your belt matches your shoes

If the primary purpose of wearing a suit is to be dressed up, then why on earth would you wear a black suit without matching shoes and a belt? It’s the equivalent of wearing jeans with a dress shirt – it just doesn’t make sense. The two pieces should complement each other, not clash.

6. Make sure your pants aren’t too tight

Another common mistake guys make when they try to pull off a black suit is wearing their pants a little too tight. If you’re going to wear a classic black suit, your pants should be tailored precisely to your body’s shape and size. Otherwise, it will ruin the whole look.

7. Make sure you have a pocket watch

Black suits were popular in the early 20th century for a reason: they’re timeless. And like I mentioned before, they make you look like a million bucks – if the other elements of the outfit are correct, that is. One such factor is wearing a vintage pocket watch with your suit. It goes without saying that for men style, having one makes you look classy as hell.

8. Make sure your shoes aren’t black or brown

This tip is a continuation of the one above. Another mistake guys make when wearing a classic black suit is wearing their shoes in either brown or black. To look your best, you have to coordinate as much as possible – that includes coordinating your suit with what you’re going to be putting on your feet.

The only exception here will be if you’re wearing black shoes with a brown suit. Believe it or not, that looks good. But in most cases, you should be wearing black shoes with your black suit.

9. Make sure your watch isn’t gold

Here’s the deal: if you’re wearing a classic black suit, then it goes without saying that you’ll probably want to wear a classic watch like Rolex or some other high-end brand (I prefer Omega). And don’t get me wrong, you definitely should wear a high-end watch.

But one thing you shouldn’t do is wear a gold watch with a black suit. It hurts your credibility immediately, and nobody will take you seriously from that point forward.

10. Make sure you’re wearing the right accessories

Finally, the last tip I will give you is to make sure your accessories are on point before stepping out in your ensemble. A watch isn’t enough; cuff links are excellent for men style but go for a gold-tone rather than silver; and for God’s sake, don’t wear colored glasses with your black suit – save those for weddings or formal events.

Wearing a classic black suit is all about looking sharp, standing out in the crowd, and showing off some personality when you step out on the town. Other than that, it’s pretty simple to pull off. So have fun, experiment with your look, and feel free to step out of the box with this one!

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