The suit and sneakers combination is considered a reflection of individuality in the era of the internet and media, whereby individuals are constantly discovering new and distinctive methods to identify themselves on an online platform. A discreet pair of shoes may lend an athletic aspect to a suit and make one stand out if correctly matched, and fortunately, more individuals are getting receptive to the idea.

However, it is essential to keep it out of workplaces and company strategy sessions and save it for weekends and enjoyable occasions since it gives a casual look It is critical to consider each ensemble detail to guarantee that the look is overall cohesive. Below is a Fashion mans guide on how to wear a suit with sneakers.

Choosing the perfect suit

Once you’ve got your shoes on, you’ll also have to choose the perfect suit, because obviously you won’t wear the same one every day.

To avoid making a mistake, choose suits in basic colors. Navy is ideal to match with a white sneaker, as we have already seen. You can also try the dark gray suit for a more chic than sporty look.

The cut is also very important. Forget about suits that are too strict, reserved for style experts. Prefer a simple model which will support very well the shift.

Forget about cuts that are too wide or too narrow. Your suit should simply fit you perfectly. If you want to accentuate the casual side, I advise you to put on a t-shirt instead of a shirt (which must remain sober). You can complete with bracelets and a belt (I’ll come back to that).

How To Wear A Suit With Sneakers

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The perfect colors

Let’s go back to the colors of the suit for a moment, because this is what we will see first. The most discreet will appreciate the gray. Both formal and neutral, it is an excellent choice to start in the marriage with the sneaker. The light gray models are more dull and deserve colored sneakers. A black t-shirt can also be a good solution to enhance this shade. Dark gray is used like black and can therefore be associated with white or colored sneakers (I remind you that the black suit is no longer the favorite model of fashion professionals and is even often considered a bit old fashioned).

Blue is the all-purpose color with which we do not make a mistake in taste. From navy to sky blue, it can be worn all year round. The navy blue suit can be paired with pink sneakers (it’s very trendy to wear this color, gentlemen!).

Less popular, burgundy or red can also be a good alternative. But this shade is reserved for style pros, because the marriage with white is ugly. So you’ll have to improvise to find the perfect sneaker (if I can give you a little advice, turn instead to complementary shades like orange that you will wear in small touches).

With sneakers, avoid beige, brown or green suits, less stylish.

Sneaker to match with a suit

Nike Cortez

The Nike Cortez in the timeless red, blue, and white color way is a must-have for any wardrobe list of the most outstanding footwear in combination with suits. To get the most, go for lighter tan colors or natural linen with a matching button-up beneath. Though not recommended wearing them to work, they look great with a plain linen suit.

Oliver Cabell Low 1

With their sleek form and leather construction, Oliver Cabell’s classic low-top Italian shoes are an excellent match for a suit. White Low 1 shoes go with almost anything; therefore, it is advisable to try a slim fit in a blue or grey suit having no tie and a t-shirt. It’s all the rage at the workplace presently.

Adidas Stan Smith

It is wise to consider classics when pairing a casual pair of sneakers together with a suit. That implies that the Adidas Stan Smith is the shoes to go shopping for, a fashion standard for years. This can perfectly go well with a combination of a Lighter or Navy Tan linen suit. The outfit is probably more suited for a beach party than a day at the workplace in every situation.

The Axel Arigato Clean 90

The Axel Arigato Clean 90 is at the forefront whenever it is about styling sneakers with a suit due to its overall fine leather surface with rubber outsole. It can best be styled with a black leather sneaker with a thin black or navy suit. This timeless silhouette gets some more additional points for style because of the suede touch on its heel.

Valentino one stud

Pairing a pair of designer shoes alongside a favorite suit is often considered a stylish plus. Valentino delivers a perfect pair of ultra-luxe leather sneakers designed to be worn with a suit. The highlights are its rubber outsole, subtle Valentino, and stud design emblems on the heel.

Style tips for suits and sneakers

Suit shape

It’s crucial to think about the design and shape of the sneakers one needs for the suit and sneakers ensemble. The style of the sneaker to match with the suit might have an effect on how sophisticated it appears. The low-top types having flat soles are ideal. Having the low top on guarantees that they won’t be in the way of the suit trousers’ bottoms, and the flatform ensures they merge seamlessly with the ensemble.

Occasion to Dress Up

Selecting the correct men’s shoes is determined by the event for which the person wishes to wear a suit with sneakers as well as the attire for the particular function. A well-picked pair of sneakers may be worn for practically any occasion, including a date night, at the workplace, or simply relaxing in one’s spare time.

Given that the event is less official, such as a summertime soiree, a linen suit paired with some traditional white sneakers will look great. Nevertheless, for more official occasions, like a meeting, one might opt for a pair of sophisticated leather shoes.

A recent piece on business casual style for men actually suggests substituting sneakers with certain types of dress shoes, sandals, and boat shoes, provided they suit the occasion and don’t look too formal for a business casual setting.

Nevertheless, for more official occasions, like a meeting, one might opt for a pair of sophisticated leather shoes.

Choosing suit cut

It may appear strange to wear a traditional, straight-cut suit matched with sneakers. Choosing a current, slim-cut suit may assist in pairing workaround better. The latest suit style is to dress up suit pants that are a bit shorter and display the ankles, which gives a modern spin to a classy outfit.

More significantly, the pant legs ought not to be excessively long or contact the shoes. Someone can roll up the pants cuffs in the summer to get a more contemporary suit paired with the shoes.

Occasions to wear suits and sneakers

For a date

Want to serve a unique look on the first date? One should pick a suit that appears neat. It can be accomplished by making imaginative utilization of the suit’s components. Like, replace the black shirt and wear a t-shirt and pair business-casual shoes with brightly colored socks matched with sneakers. You can also

You can wear the jacket with casual pants for a classy but less official appearance. Putting on a tie is not essential on a first date because it gives an excessively formal look. The goal here is to look polished and put together without coming across as a professional.

For a Wedding

There are a lot of alternatives when it is about planning for wedding attire. Several elements tend to influence a suit selection. One important thing is that the suit fits and is of excellent quality, as this will help you look your finest. Colors, embellishments, and fabric patterns may be customized to fit the wedding theme. A good pair of sneakers can accompany this to give some casual look.

For summer events

You may be asked to attend events such as garden parties during summertime. A casual suit is appropriate for this occasion. Instead of a conventional wool blend, it is better to choose light colors like pastel blue or khaki and lighter, breathable materials. Linen and cotton blends allow the air to circulate freely. It is preferable to suits for various circumstances.

Suits matched with sneakers are getting increasingly trendy in the fashion world, but there is some rules to follow guys

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Reasons for men to wear suits frequently

More than any other piece of apparel, a suit exudes elegance and class. Someone’s choice of textile and color, as well as the shape and design of your garment, are all chances to express oneself. The result is a manifestation of one’s character.

A tailored suit is so pricey; keeping its worth involves using it for long; hence, its fit is crucial in this situation. Since it is designed for a particular person, a tailor-made suit looks fantastic. Maintaining the same shape and dimensions of the suit is essential for looking decent.

The ageless quality ensures that it is the finest choice for looking great. Modifications in material, design, and production techniques have all been adjusted and reacted to. It has maintained its spot in a gentleman’s closet despite everything.

Brands of luxury sneakers


Christian Louboutin is also a master at creating high-end men’s sneakers. The French design brand offers various styles, from daily classics to fabulous avant-garde outfits with studs and multiple fabrics.

Saint Laurent

This French design brand has been making high-end products. Many of their shoe models are traditional and subtle, which make them ideal for an informal, casual office, a date night, or a weekend out. Animal designs canvas brings out a fresh style for men seeking something exciting.

Common Projects

Common project sneakers look ageless, featuring silhouettes influenced by jogging and basketball. Their first design was the Achilles, and it exudes understated sophistication. Pure White, Black, and tan suede are among the colors available in this Italian sneaker made of leather.


Givenchy and its sneaker line have been redefining refinement and elegance since the 50s, acquainting the people with a sophisticated, edgy style. The sneakers are styled in France and made in Italy, combining a polished European appearance with the quality appeal of Italian make.

Wearing sneakers with suits


Being tonal is a tried-and-true stylistic approach and is quite simple. Greys and Off-whites are fantastic for summertime; however, one can get a similar feel with yellows, khaki, or brown. An individual should pair tonal or neutral sneakers with clothing in various but similar hues of the same color.


Lightweight cotton and linen cloth suits are very beneficial in the summer months, and they are a great way of dressing down a touch. A person only needs a white T-shirt and somewhat vintage sneakers.


This suit is as timeless as they come, demonstrating how simple it is to pair a tailoring suit with shoes. A bright blue makes the suiting appear more lighthearted; however, wearing a knitted polo and pocket square keeps this sophisticated.

Style rules

Print and pattern blending and strong contrasts are tricky when you wear a suit with sneakers. Nevertheless, by lowering the contrast levels and just color-blocking, a person may achieve a funky, eye-catching style. The goal is to use contrast, details, and fabric to complement the sneakers.

Bottom line

It is vital to adhere to an attire in which the footwear matches the suit’s quality. Someone should get some high-quality sneakers if sticking to official wear, having simple sophistication.

People mostly think about comfortability when they decide to wear a suit with sneakers, like those who wear leather shoes without socks. To be cautious, one should wear a simple, basic shirt; however, if the situation demands something more relaxed, a white or black tee can suffice. Color blocking with a shirt or tee is also an alternative. Matching the leathers is yet another basic aesthetic rule to follow.

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