Do you want to be upgraded in Premium or Business Classe when you fly ? This new app can help you !

Be Upgraded in business class

If you’re not a frequent flyer, your chances to be upgraded in a Premium or Business class are very low… But now there is a new magic application who can help you to be upgraded if you pay for it, until the last minute before the boarding !

Seat Boost offers the possibility to get a premium of business seat on Virgin America and soon some other airlines. You have properly packed your bag, now let’s see how you can enjoy a better seat in the place.

How can you be upgraded ?

If you are a frequent flyer and have a high level statut, as Delta Platinum Medallion, you have many chances to be automatically upgraded, if seats are available. But there is now another solution !

Seat Boost is a live auction. You can play until you get your upgrade and so you will have to pay for it, and if you loose, you’ll not be charged of course.

The is a video to see how this awesome application works and can help you enjoy a better flight experience :


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